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Post by, July 26, 2019


Illiteracy is the root cause of poverty and ignorance. The Union Government has provided the Right to Education to its every citizen. Schools are the places where one can get the opportunity of learning by different courses and syllabus and develop themselves into intellectual human beings. Schools are not only the source of knowledge but there we also learn the principle of behaviour, filled with morals and ethics as well the importance of discipline. There we learn fraternity and become aware from the feeling of co-operation. In the sports ground, we become physically strong and learn to accept defeats with courage. There we also learn paying respect and value of time.

Everybody going to school has a deep respect for her/his school and teachers and feels proud. I got admission in a school which is much better than any other schools in my opinion. I can give a reason for that. After my admission in Nursery class, I am still in the same school pursuing my studies. I love my school and the teachers are so much concerned with students that I can’t think my life without them. Teachers are dedicated to their work, have love and care for the students without any kind of discrimination and ensure the growth of every student. They solve the problems of students in a manner that is felt easy by the student.

My school has a tall multi-storey building with a huge playground, many classrooms, staffrooms, auditorium, library, laboratories, and a big administrative block. It is coloured sky blue and white with a red roof on the outside whereas the inner walls are painted in different colours giving it a beautiful look. It has a fascinating main entrance with five more exit points. It is well equipped with CCTV cameras and security guards are employed on the gates and other places. There is a multi-tapped mineral water trough, a smart canteen and many washrooms separately for boys and girls.

The staff members are well disciplined and honest to their work that everybody even an outsider is impressed by their behaviour. The teaching faculty is gentle and well educated trained personalities in the town. They are very cordial to the students as well as the parents during the time of Parent- Teacher Meetings and on other occasions.

The principal of my school is a learned person of middle age. She is a fine but strict person. She loves discipline and wants everyone to follow the rules. She always meets the students at the time of assembly and delivers a short speech on many occasions. She loves to wear formal dress to school.

Our teachers are the esteemed personalities of the town and well educated. They deliver their knowledge among the students to make them responsible citizens. Their method of teaching the lessons is so charming that everyone learns well. If anyone has a personal problem they solve it in extra classes or during their leisure time. They not only work for the syllabus but also teach lessons of morality and discipline. Besides they love us but they are strict too. They punish the students if any kind of discrepancy found in their work and behaviour.

My school follows the curriculum of the board and judges the progress of the students through various tests. My teachers teach us according to a lesson plan and after the end of the topic give a test as per schedule. The quarterly and the final examination are held on stipulated days and results are announced in the classes after 10 days.

Many kind of extra-curricular activities are held in my school with the academics. Essay writing, football competition, cricket matches, activities on paper cutting etc are some of them. Our school participates in many inter-school tournaments and students enjoy them. My school is the winner of many events and champion of Volleyball and Kabaddi. Regular health check up is common.

My school provides various means of transport for the students coming from long distances all around the town. Many rickshaws, Auto-rickshaws, small vans and buses ply around the whole town and carry students safely.

The school I study in is one of the esteemed institutions of the town. It runs following the CBSE curriculum. Many of its previous students were benefited from studying in this school.




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