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Post by, July 30, 2019



Udaipur 20th July, 2019 – There was a DPS NATIONAL SHOOTING CAMPIONSHIP conducted by DPS society in Rajasthan hosted by DPS Udaipur from 19th July to 20th July.

I am Nishan Kar of class X section-C roll no-16. I had participated from our school, DPS North Kolkata, in the ‘DPS NATIONAL SHOOTING CAMPIONSHIP BOYS (OPEN) 2019-20’ held at DPS Udaipur and it was a good experience for me to participate in this type of competition. I have gained a lot of experience in my sport. Our school came secured the 8th position out of 21 DPS that had participated there and my individual ranking was 13th out of 42 pistol shooters. I had tried my all best to take our school to the top rank table. However, this time my luck not good. My pistol had an internal damage on the match day. So I could not shoot properly on the match so our school ranking was not so well. I came to know that when the match started. So I thought that I was out of this competition but Ayan sir cheered when there was a bad shot. So I was somehow able to complete my competition not so well but little better than the others. And it was a wonderful competition.                                                                       I am thankful to my school for sending me to this type to national level competition. I promise to do better and try to win the next competition.


Nishan Kar

Class X section-C

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