In our school life, we get to participate in different kinds of events where each event has its own beauty and we also get to learn something out of it. There are also some events which captivates our heart, to stay with us forever. “Doll making” was one such event that took place in our school, DPSNK.


I participated in the Inter- house doll making competition on the 18th of July 2017 and I had really enjoyed it a lot. Nothing was planned for the making of doll beforehand at first. But the day before the competition, we decided that we will be making an Indian doll with a plastic bottle, a magazine, golden and silver lace, bindis and crepe bandages. I was accompanied by my friends Jiya and Aditiya. Our teacher gave us the idea as to how we will make the doll and wished us- “All the Best”.


Finally the time came and we all got ready for the competition. When the bell rang, we along with the other participants reached the place where the competition was to be held and sat in our respective places. At first there was much whispering going around but after 5-10 minutes there was pin drop silence that showed that everyone was busy in their work.


At first we took out all the necessary things and arranged it in a proper way. Then we started first by folding the magazine pages in a way to make the gown and decorate it with glitters and colourful laces to give it a look of a traditional gown. We made the head of the doll by cutting the upper portion of a plastic bottle and covered it with a crepe bandage. We decorated it with cotton, glitters, bindis and laces and finally we were successful in making a pretty Indian doll.


For me it was like going back to my childhood, when I used to be curious as to how things were made. Getting to do so in the competition really was an experience that I’ll never forget in my life ever!


Suchana Bhattacharjee