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Cooking is fun

Post by, November 15, 2018

On Friday 10th of Nov classes VI and VII had a cooking activity. Avantika Gupta, Triasha Mishra, Tanisha Gupta of VII D and Hansika Banik of VII E were involved in it. We contributed to this activity whole-heartedly. All of us enjoyed cooking a lot that day. Class VI students made “Malai Bahar” and Class VII students made “Fruit N Custard”. Both the dishes were quite tasty. We got our recipes from the YouTube and then discussed with our teachers about the variations we can make. Our Bhagat house teachers guided us in following the recipes. Both the teams worked spiritedly and enthusiastically. Our teamwork was appreciated by all. However, Principal ma’am and Trustee sir declared the “Fruit N Custard” to be the winner. Our joys knew no bounds at this declaration.

Avantika Gupta


Bhagat House

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