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Post by, November 15, 2018

Our school Delhi Public School North Kolkata organized a whole day camp including night-stay with the students of Class III. All the students of Class III were invited to participate in this camp. We reached school on the 3rd of December at around 12:00 noon.

We had a sumptuous lunch and then boarded the buses for a visit to Eco- Park. At the park we enjoyed a lot- playing games and running around with our friends. In the end we sat on the grass and watched the sunset which was an unforgettable sight. The sky looked colourful and the birds’ chirping was a sweet music to our tired ears. In the evening we returned to school.

In school we had a craft workshop and a fireless cooking session. We learnt a good lot of things joyfully. Our teachers helped us in every little thing we did and so we hardly missed our parents. We were rather too excited and did not want to lose a speck of the merriment by thinking about home.

We had dinner together and chatted with our friends. At night we were tucked up in beds and sat snugly in them. Principal Ma’am told us a beautiful story and put us to sleep.

Next morning we woke up early and went to the school terrace to watch the sun rise. We shared our experiences with our teachers and Principal ma’am. We told them what differences we noticed between sunset and sunrise. Then we dressed up had our cheese sandwiches and juice. We were ready to meet our parents at last.

We returned home feeling a bit sad to leave school that day i.e 4th December ,may be for the first time.


Rupayon Mitra


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