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Post by, January 15, 2019

Self-reliance and independence are two necessary skills which are imparted to a child during his/her developmental stage. They help a growing child emerge out of the protective shell of their home and develop confidence to face the challenges of the wider world. With this aim in mind, the Delhi Public School North Kolkata organizes an event named ‘Cocoon to Camp’ each year. It is a day of fun filled activities accompanied with a night stay at school.  Students of classIII participate in this event. In 2018 this event was held on the 15th of December.

The following is a brief account of the camp which has been compiled from the writing of two participating students, Arushi Singh and Ashmi Das Sanyal.


We arrived at our school, DPS North Kolkata, at 9.30 A.M on 15th December, 2018. Our parents left us with our class teachers that morning. We were very excited to see our other classmates. We all lined up and our class teachers took our roll call. We left our backpacks at our respective classrooms and boarded the school bus to visit a special place. We were informed that we were going to visit the Botanical Gardens at Howrah. After a long bus journey we reached the Botanical garden. The place was full of different varieties of plants including some big trees. The special attraction of the place was a huge 400 year old Banyan tree. We learnt a lot about plants from this experience.

We returned to school and changed into our spare clothes. After having snacks we went down and gathered at the lobby area. It was a very beautiful evening and many of us and our friends showcased their talents. There was music, dance and poetry recitation. The main attraction of the evening was a Magic show performed by a student from class five. There was an art activity of hand printing which turned out to be extremely interesting.

We had a mixed feeling while staying away from school at night. We felt happy to stay with our friends but also felt sad because our parents were not with us. Some of our friends also talked about spirits at night. The camp taught us how to manage our things on our own. We learnt to organize our clothes, maintain time while participating in the different activities.

Finally, our friends and teachers also cooperated with us and helped us whenever we needed it. Out teachers also slept in the school and woke us up in the morning. We learnt to share things with others. As a whole we behaved like one big family. We returned home on the 16th of December when our parents came to pick us up from school. It was indeed a very memorable experience.

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