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Post by, November 15, 2018

On 17th January 2016 we had a cleanliness campaign based on the chapter of our science book-“Garbage in, Garbage out”in our school DPS North Kolkata. We went for the campaign in our physics period with our teacher and along with our handmade paper bags. We all were instructed to make our own bags for the campaign. We went to the school ground and collected wastes like dry leaves,plastics,newspapers etc and put it inside our bags. It was a really a good campaign as it made us understand about the wastes and how we may reduce wastes and also not throw them here and there. Our teacher explained during the campaign that how you can reuse the wastes to make useful things to decorate our houses out of those. It was good to see that our school ground was not so much dirty and we got a very less amount of dirt. After returning to our class, our teacher explained the importance of this campaign and told us to make some creative things from the wastes that we collected. I made a newspaper dress worn by a girl on an A4 sheet which was made by some useless newspapers and my creativity was praised by my teacher as well as my friends .This made me really happy and surprised that what we were praising is a type of waste whose look has just got a change. Thus, I liked this campaign very much and I hope our teachers look forward for such campaigns again in future.


Shreya Sinha                     

Class- 6 D

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