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Post by, July 13, 2019


On 6th of July, 2019, Delhi Public School, Ruby Park held a fest in their school named CHRYSALIS ’19. There were many events under the fest and our school participated in most of them, like, Mind Matters, Let’s Make Money, Pitch Perfect, One Minute to Fame, Allegro and Football to name a few. The fest ended with a prize distribution ceremony with Anurag Chowdhuri of Class XI B (Commerce) bagging the Best Speaker Award with two more participants of other participating schools.

We, the students, reached the venue by school bus and upon reaching, were escorted to our allotted rooms. We were then escorted to our respective events by their volunteers and all the events went by smoothly. The main attraction of Chrysalis ’19 was Allegro, which was a band performance by the school bands of the participating schools. It was an exclusive event and it lived up to everybody’s expectations.

To end the fest, the school had also invited a magician, who concluded the fest gracefully and with cheers and applauds. In a nutshell, the students had as much fun participating as they had competing with other schools. They learnt about sportsmanship, team spirit and interacting with people out of their comfort zones. They learnt from their failures and took oaths to come back strong and experienced.




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