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CCA Tournament – Karate

Post by, November 15, 2018

Three of us Roumick, Sayan and Mayank, of DPS North Kolkata, went for the Inter- School CCA Tournament for Karate. We reached the school campus at 7:15 a. m. Our Karate teacher, Ayan Sir, took us to the venue, Future Foundation School, Tallyganj, in our school bus. We reached there at 8:54a.m. and registered our names. We then went inside and put on our Karate uniform. We were led to the school auditorium for the opening ceremony. After that we went to the competition area. At first the Kata competition was held. When Sayan’s turn came he was quite nervous but he performed very well and won the first round. He won the second round too but could not make it in the third round.

After the Kate fight, the Kumite fight began. Mayank performed in the Kumite fight. He too was quite nervous. In the first round he fought with a white belt opponent. The round was quite interesting as both the players were using the same technique, but, at last Mayank gave a head kick and won the round. The second round was a very exciting one as his opponent was using more powerful techniques, but, Mayank blocked each one and gained points. Mayank won the second round gracefully. However, he too lost the third round.

It’s always a great pleasure for us to represent our school, DPS North Kolkata in various inter- school competitions. Although it was the first opportunity for us all Roumick Saha of VII C made it to the first position, winning a gold medal for his school. Joy knew no bounds when we won the gold at last.

From this competition we learned that discipline and active participation are the keys to success in any field.

Mayank Rai VI B

Sayan Malik VI B

Roumick saha VII C

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