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Post by, November 15, 2018

Being a tenth grader, the most common question faced by me and all my other fellow mates stands, “So what stream are you planning to choose in your Higher Secondary?” Though most of us have thought of a future profession for ourselves, we were still quite unclear about which stream to choose that would take us to our desired professions. But being a Dipsite, you are hardly ever in doubt; after all, the school provides you with all the requirements needed for clearing your qualms, even before you ask for them!

On 19th June 2017, our school had organized a career counselling workshop for the students of class 10.The session was conducted by Mrs Anju Das and it covered several important points that students should keep in mind while choosing a stream in class 11 an eventually, their career paths.

Several topics related to and other determining factors that must be kept in mind while choosing one’s career such as interests, available career options, good colleges for the same, academic potential, life span of career, commercial resources were all thoroughly discussed through few interesting presentations that contained relevant examples. This session also gave us a clear idea about what skills are required in pursuing and being successful in any career in general.

Anju Ma’am’s words regarding the same were also very motivating and inspirational. Finally in the end of the session we were all given a booklet containing the detailed information of all the stream options and various career paths available in and after our class 11.Through this workshop we could have a clear insight into our future and hence can now exactly decide ‘what and how’ we want to shape our own future!


                         -Sahana Roy Chowdhury


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