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Budding Scientists gather at Sushila Birla

Post by, November 14, 2018

A Science exhibition of CBSE schools under SAHODAYA was organized on 5th January 2018 at Sushila Birla Girls’ High school premises. The topic was ‘Environment’. Students of classes 6 to 8 were allowed to take part in it. More than 20 schools participated in the exhibition, including our own school, DPS North Kolkata. I was one of the four students from our school that represented our school in the exhibition.

We started our preparations for the exhibition from November 2018. In the beginning, we were guided by our science teacher. Then, we jotted down all the points that we wanted to show in our chart and model. And then, we started making them. We showed a pollution free dream city as our model. In that dream city, only renewable sources of energy like solar energy and wind energy are used. The shops are located much closer to the settlements, so that people need to waste much less fuel to buy their necessities. We showed buildings that can accommodate more people in less area. The houses have skylights, so that its residents can enjoy sunlight during the day. They also have solar panels, so don’t need to worry about electricity at night. The street lamps and the vehicles also have solar panels and CNG buses are also available. We showed a kitchen garden which meant that people can grow their vegetables and other plants. We even showed a playground because we wanted to spread awareness among people about the importance of playing outdoor and keeping our body fit rather than staying at home and playing video games. Factories without proper disposal system are harmful for the environment, but factories are an important part of the human society. So, in our dream city, we have factories with proper disposal units. We also showed some practices which are good for the environment like rainwater harvesting and segregation of wastes. And the best thing about our model was that, we made it only out of scrap materials. In the chart, we displayed some Do’s & Don’ts on keeping the environment clean.

At the exhibition centre we saw participants from various schools with their models & charts. At first the opening ceremony took place; then visitors from different schools came to see the exhibition. Even though, our model was self-explanatory, we described our model to the visitors and were praised for our model and the explanation. The models of others participating schools were also praise worthy. Some of them used innovative ideas. Unfortunately, no winner was declared in the exhibition.

I had a wonderful experience.

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