You must all have heard or known that reading books takes us to a new world where there would be all the pleasant things that we dream of. You are also aware of the fact that books also help us in improving our knowledge skills. However, my school DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NORTH KOLKATA came up with a question – why don’t we make a NEW WORLD for ourselves, why don’t we put our knowledge together to make something of our own?

So, on 29th June we the students of PATEL HOUSE organised a book making workshop which couldn’t have been possible without the guidance of our teachers. We had six groups with six students in each groups. Different themes for books had been given to each group like Detective book, Travel and Tourism, Science fiction, Comic book and Story book.

All the members of each group had put their magnificent creative powers together to make their particular book in an innovative way.

Each group showcased their huge creativity, artistic skill, and a lot of enthusiasm.

While participating in the workshop, I learned things like co-ordination and co-operation  and much they are necessary for a successful team work.

I think the workshop was a perfect form of hands-on learning in between our regular studies. I am very thankful to our school and teachers who helped us to have a new experience through this workshop, which I am very sure, would be useful in our future.