I was wondering how I should attend a workshop on addiction and abuse, when it was announced at school. I knew there are youngsters who are addicts and I always felt, this is a fashionable thing to be an addict, though I never thought I would be someone like that. However, I do not like to attend any serious seminar or meeting. But, after I attended the programme and met Mr. Bobby Chakraborty, I could know so many things about the issue that now I am feeling very strong. Addiction is so dangerous that it may ruin the life of a man! Once addicted, it is almost impossible to get out of it, it is neither fun, as believed by most of the teenagers, nor something to release tension. It is killer. I am thankful to my school, DPS, North Kolkata as this enriching workshop was organized. We should be the soldiers to help addicts to come out of this poisonous element of society.

Rounak Dutta