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Post by, November 15, 2018

The British had made India into a colony. They used to take raw materials from India at low prices, make them into finished products, and then sell them in India at high prices. They forced the Indians to use British-made goods, which was inexpensive and banned the Indian products. This way the Indians suffered great losses during the British administration.

To save the Indians from the oppressions by the British, many enlightened Indians raised their voices. One of them was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. He was a great Indian patriot and former leader of the Indian National Congress. In his early life, he used to live at 38/2 Elgin Road, in Bhawanipore, Kolkata-700025. The mansion in which Netaji used to live has been converted into a heritage building now and renamed as Netaji Bhawan, where we went for an educational trip of Social Science on 25th of January, 2017.

This educational trip was specially organised for class VIII and we gained lots of knowledge about Netaji and his life. We reached there by school bus. Upon reaching, we saw many sentences engraved on the walls of the whole house which was related to Netaji and his life. At the entrance, a black car was kept in a case in which Sisir Kumar Bose, Netaji’s nephew, helped him to escape around 16th and 17th of January. The car’s name was Wanderer Bla and its number was 7169.

Just opposite to the car, on the other side was the Sarat Bose Hall. After crossing the car, we saw a replica of the Singapore Memorial. It was made by Netaji, in memory of the martyrs of Indian National Army on 8th July, 1945. In front of it was the entrance to the house.

We went upstairs through a wooden staircase. We saw Netaji and Sisir Kumar Bose’s Bedrooms. After that, we saw Netaji’s study room which was flooded with large racks of books. Then we marched on upstairs for the best part of our trip.

Just a floor above, many valuables of Netaji were kept safely in cases. There were two rooms, and both the rooms had many pictures related to Netaji’s life; each picture had a caption at the bottom which made it more easy to read the pictures. Netaji’s clothes were also kept their safely, with a caption each to make the viewers understand. Netaji’s ration card and passport was also kept their along with some case files and letters.

The best thing was, all the students were seen eager to know about Netaji’s life as they were carefully writing down the various information which was on display.

After our educational trip was over, we came back to school by school bus.

Aaheli Barman

Class VIII- B

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