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Post by, November 15, 2018

Have you ever visited a residential institution devoted to the care of orphans? They really need our love, compassion and care.On the 16th of November , 2016 some students of Netaji House of our school Delhi Public School North Kolkata were taken to visit an orphanage and handover some stationeries and friendship bands to the children staying there. When the day for the visit came I was very excited to meet the dear ones and handover some gifts to them.

We started off and reached the destination within some time. In the orphanage, we saw a special park which was made for them. All the children were gathered in that playground. We tied friendship bands on their wrists. We gave them stationeries like pencils, erasers and pens according to their age. They were very happy to get the stationeries. I was delighted and my joy knew no bounds. We cut a chocolate cake for them which we had carried from our school. They jumped with delight at the sight of the cake. They were extremely happy to eat a delicious cake. There were many children of different ages and some were of our age also. We spent two hours with them and then it was time for us to return. Spending a day with them was really a wonderful experience for me and I will cherish these memories forever in my life. I sincerely thank my school DPS North Kolkata for giving me this opportunity.

Mehul Chakraborty


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