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A Visit to a Village

Post by, November 15, 2018


In my academic experience so far, I would describe myself as a reader, writer and learner all with different variations but never have I got such an experience of field learning before. First, I would like to thank my respected Principal madam and teachers who included me in this program. It was a long journey to DUCHNIKHALI but it was worth it. Before telling my experience to all I would like to tell that we all have travelled both in land and water to reach our destination. I was excited and amazed after knowing that in such a remote place and quiet underdeveloped and local people and village farmers gathered and had a training centre for farmers But it was not only a training centre it is an organisation known as “AMAR KHAMAR” where some trainers train the villagers how to use their land by cultivating crops like rice, vegetables, fruits e.t.c. They also teach them fishing .Then the farmers are taught how to make profit by selling it in the market. The best thing I found in them was that they teach the farmers to make Bio-fertiliser on their own by making a layer of dry leaves and cover with cow dung for next 21 days. After wards the cultivated rice is sold online. When we visited the home of the villagers I saw men and women were really working hard to grow crops. The farmers showed us a type of ginger which was so aromatic and fresh. They showed us different types of rice, wheat, vegetables e.t.c. Even they showed us the way how they do the husking process by using machine and by using see-saw. Then I realised they are contributing so much to make us healthy by providing us organic food. They never use chemical fertilisers. In the noon they provided lunch to us and served three types of rice 1 Kamini 2 Rupsal 3 Khajurjhori. It was really delicious. I am really thankful to my school to give us this opportunity to visit a village to see the real face of rural Bengal.



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