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Post by, January 15, 2019


On 16th of November 2018, our school DPS North Kolkata conducted a seminar on Biology and career opportunities based on this subject. Dr. Urmi Chatterjee, HOD of the Zoology Department, Calcutta University was invited to conduct the seminar for Classes IX, X and Xi Science students.

She was delighted to see such young and aspiring minds like us and greeted us with utmost happiness. She showed and explained the various aspects and prospects of the subject of Biology through Power point presentations and taught us how to learn and love Biology.

We enthusiastically participated in the interactive session and the discussion ended on a happy note. She was able to decrease the fear of the subject from our minds and thus open a new door of opportunities. She also made us understand the importance of Biology in other fields of Science. Hence, it was a beneficial experience for the aspirants in this field and all other learners.


Students of IX and X

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