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A journey through the mythical forest of Dooars

Post by, November 14, 2018

It was on the night of 23rd august when we were all set to say “goodbye” to our parents and set off for the train journey in the “Garib Rath Express” which departed at around 9:30pm from Kolkata station.

On the early morning of 24thAugust we reached NJP railway station and then boarded our pre-booked bus and headed towards our hotel, Dream Land, situated in Lataguri. Although we had slept in the train last day, it was obvious that few of us were tired. But it was the beauty of rural life that kept others away from sleep. The beauty of nature and the sounds of birds along with an overwhelming smell of the breeze had already taken a start to make us feel that we were free from the cage of the city-life in which we were tired of living.

As soon as we reached our hotels we were given the keys to our room. We were instructed to freshen up ourselves and then to have our lunch. In the afternoon we were told to get ready and board our buses for visiting the tea garden.

Although we reached our destination pretty much on time, but there was an unknown issue for which we could not enter the tea garden. Although we could not visit the tea garden, we were taken to another place which amazingly beautiful. It was a bridge built on top of river Murti.

We stayed there for around an hour and inhaled the cool breeze blowing all around us and then we headed back towards our hotel. After arriving at the hotel we all gathered in the reception hall and chatted with friends before going for the dinner. After dinner we all went to our rooms to sleep and give our body some time to get energized for the next day.

The next day was really exciting. After breakfast we left for sightseeing. We visited Jhalong and witnessed the beauty of the Jhalong river camps from the top of the mountain roads. Along with this we saw Bhutan border while travelling through the never ending curved roads of the mountains.

Then we headed towards Bindu barrage, made across the Jaldhaka River where we did some amazing photoshoots and also did some shopping and dipped our feet in the flowing water of a small stream.

While returning we halted near a rubber plantation ground and there we learnt how, the rubber that we use to erase the fine lines of the pencil and the same material that we use to make tires which are capable of carrying humongous weight on top of it , is made. A worker of the rubber plantation ground helped us to understand the whole process and also gave us some samples of the raw rubber that is obtained from the trees.

We returned to our hotel and then had our lunch. As soon as we finished our lunch we were all taken to a nearby area where we did some shopping and then we soon returned to our hotel. After taking some rest we all gathered in the garden of our hotel and played games, danced to songs and then went into our rooms to take a short break. We gathered in the dining hall where we were served some snacks.

The evening passed happily discussing about all the things that we say and we all gave our opinions about the whole journey that we had earlier on that day. Then we all had our dinner and went to sleep.

All of us were sad, because this was our last day in Dooars. We all were told to pack our luggage and keep it ready so that we could leave the hotel as soon as we return from The Rocky Island. We started our journey early in the morning and reached our destination quite early. This place was one of the best spot for photography. We found strange spiders, some leeches and some beautiful insects and birds. We all carried salt with us which helped us to kill the leeches whenever we found one around us.

While clicking pictures the only thought I had in my mind was about the poem that I read earlier, “The road not taken” – by Robert Frost. I could relate each line of the poem with the scene I was watching then…I felt, as if the poem was written on that exact scene in front of me.

While returning From The Rocky Island we stopped in the hilly roads of Chulsa where Ali sir took two of us down the hill and made me see the best view of the whole trip. It was a gorgeous river flowing in between two mountains

which were covered with clouds. We dipped our feet into the river keeping in mind that it was very risky for us to do that. I took some great shots and then climbed up the hill. It was really very difficult to climb up the hill, it was around 400ft above the sea level. Ali sir and I found it really tough to climb up without taking any break, so we halted under a tree for some minutes and then again continued to walk up until we reached the place where all of my friends and teachers were waiting inside their buses. We returned to our hotel and then had our lunch. We packed and boarded the buses and started for the NJP railway station.

While travelling from our hotel towards the station , the only thing I wanted in that moment was never to leave the place…I wanted to stay there for my whole like…I wanted to see my friends laughing all day…birds flying all around me….trees on top of my head all throughout the day. Just how a poem goes on for some time and it creates a different mood for the readers and then ends it making us feeling steeped in pleasure…in the same way this tour left us in the middle of a bottomless ocean that we all wanted to drown into until we find the bottom of the ocean.

At around 9:30p.m. our train, Padatik Express, departed from the station. My mind filled with sorrow and tears, I could not sleep the whole night, I started to recollect all those glorious moments that I had spent during the last few days. We reached Sealdah station at around 7a.m., where our parents were waiting to take us back to our “home sweet home”.

It is never possible to deliver the exact essence of such an overwhelming and warm experience. Here, I could just mention some places and some sights that I saw…but the experience that I had in this tour cannot be shared through some words it can be felt perfectly only by living few days of your life in the lap of the beautiful nature.


I am really very thankful to my school authority for arranging such a great Tour for all of us. I have no words to describe how my teachers cared for me in this entire trip. I never felt that I am away from my parents rather for me my teachers are closer to me than my parents. I prefer sharing all my feelings and my experiences with my teachers rather than my parents. Whatever I am today is because of my teachers and my parents. I am and always will be really grateful to my teachers who have not only taught me to get good scores but also to be a good human being. They have taught me never to give up, never to lose hope. To me my work is the utmost important thing on this Earth and any responsibility given by my teachers is the most important work for me.



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