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Post by, June 20, 2019




The honour to represent Delhi Public School North Kolkata on the grounds of South Point High School is our dream come true. Our director Mr Goutam sir , our dance choreographer Mrs Udita ma’am and our assistant teacher Saswati ma’am, not only made us realize the importance of the play for our school but also the importance of the environment we are living in is dying out slowly. Also to realize this fact of coming destruction, we held a play “the life of seed”to convey the message to people. So here all it starts …..

Our director held an audition of the characters required for the play. He recorded the names of the participants and handed over the script to us.We started our rehearsals and continued for couple of days. The main idea of the play was to bring our those lost positivity like hope, light, and rhythm and motivate our motherly earth, air and water… our assistant teacher selected two students, Soham and Ankita who would control the lightings and set ups. They both made us rectify the points we were lagging behind .They kept on correcting us during the rehearsals.

On 8th may we had our stage rehearsals in south point high school .We were allotted one and half hour for our rehearsals. We rehearsed and we rectified our mistakes and practised the play again after going back to our school and we had a stay back till 5 in the afternoon. We practised and sir made some required changes needed in the play .Our sir also discussed about different things we had to keep in our mind like our voice should be audible through the hanging microphones, the words shouldn’t overlap, the dialogue should go slow so that we don’t finish the play before 20 minutes .But among all of these hurdles our teachers kept on supporting us which helped us gain our confidence.

On 9th May we came to our school and our teachers helped us to put our costumes. Then there was a make-up artist who did our make-up. After putting our costumes and make up on, we rehearsed for the one last time. We got on to the school bus and reached south point high school. A prefect of south point high school showed us to our green room. Soham and Ankita took our dialogue rehearsals again in the green room. We were called upon by the prefects and we went to the back stage. After an announcement we started our play. Unfortunately our play ended in 18 minutes which did not meet the criteria of finishing the play in approximately 20 minutes. After our performance we left the green room and while moving back to the bus we got our participating certificates and got food packets. We stayed there for a while and then boarded the school bus with the props.Udita ma’am in the programtill the end for the results. At last heritage school went the first prize and Gokhel school won the second prize .Even if we didn’t get any prize but we got to experience some true forms of sheer hard work as well as team work which will lead us to the brighter future of Delhi Public School North Kolkata.


Astha Guha


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