The Inter- house Karate Championship Tournament was held in Delhi Public School North Kolkata in the month of December last year. We, the members of Patel House, are proud to emerge as the Champions this year. We receive a meticulous training of Karate in school. We are taught the Kenshinkai Shotokan Karate style. This is a Japanese style of self- defense. We are taught Karate right from Class V. Students, both boys and girls, of Classes VI to VIII participated in the tournament. All the four houses, namely, Bhagat, Gandhi, Netaji and Patel participated in the event.

The competition was quite a difficult one as all our friends are good at Karate. There were two events, namely, Kata and Kumite in which all the four houses took part. There were several rounds. The final round was between Patel House and Gandhi House.  At last, Patel House won the day and was handed over the Victor’s Cup by our Principal ma’am.


Members of Patel House


Self-reliance and independence are two necessary skills which are imparted to a child during his/her developmental stage. They help a growing child emerge out of the protective shell of their home and develop confidence to face the challenges of the wider world. With this aim in mind, the Delhi Public School North Kolkata organizes an event named ‘Cocoon to Camp’ each year. It is a day of fun filled activities accompanied with a night stay at school.  Students of classIII participate in this event. In 2018 this event was held on the 15th of December.

The following is a brief account of the camp which has been compiled from the writing of two participating students, Arushi Singh and Ashmi Das Sanyal.


We arrived at our school, DPS North Kolkata, at 9.30 A.M on 15th December, 2018. Our parents left us with our class teachers that morning. We were very excited to see our other classmates. We all lined up and our class teachers took our roll call. We left our backpacks at our respective classrooms and boarded the school bus to visit a special place. We were informed that we were going to visit the Botanical Gardens at Howrah. After a long bus journey we reached the Botanical garden. The place was full of different varieties of plants including some big trees. The special attraction of the place was a huge 400 year old Banyan tree. We learnt a lot about plants from this experience.

We returned to school and changed into our spare clothes. After having snacks we went down and gathered at the lobby area. It was a very beautiful evening and many of us and our friends showcased their talents. There was music, dance and poetry recitation. The main attraction of the evening was a Magic show performed by a student from class five. There was an art activity of hand printing which turned out to be extremely interesting.

We had a mixed feeling while staying away from school at night. We felt happy to stay with our friends but also felt sad because our parents were not with us. Some of our friends also talked about spirits at night. The camp taught us how to manage our things on our own. We learnt to organize our clothes, maintain time while participating in the different activities.

Finally, our friends and teachers also cooperated with us and helped us whenever we needed it. Out teachers also slept in the school and woke us up in the morning. We learnt to share things with others. As a whole we behaved like one big family. We returned home on the 16th of December when our parents came to pick us up from school. It was indeed a very memorable experience.

Revitalising Minds- Motivational talk on Mathematics and career


It was the 29th of August 2018. A lecture was conducted by Dr. Debabrata Nag on “School Mathematics and Career”, in our school campus.

Dr. Debabrata Nag is a professor of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Jadavpur University. He is also a mathematician at heart and was kind enough to visit our school to deliver a speech on The Impact of Mathematics on our Career.

The enriching session started early morning in school with his introduction. Right after that he plunged straight into mathematics. The main focus was on the tricks to solve problems and time management during exams.

From the basic number system to Pythagoras’ theorem and trigonometry Dr. Nag covered everything in his lecture. Some of the problems he introduced were exceptionally difficult yet very interesting. For competitive exams like JEE, CAT and the like Dr. Nag told us to change our perspective and delve into the soul of the problem.

In a way he successfully brushed up our basics as well as taught us something new. At the end of the session he cleared our doubts and showed us many new ways of solving problems.

It was a real pleasure to have Dr. Nag with us in school. We all benefitted a lot from this session.







On 16th of November 2018, our school DPS North Kolkata conducted a seminar on Biology and career opportunities based on this subject. Dr. Urmi Chatterjee, HOD of the Zoology Department, Calcutta University was invited to conduct the seminar for Classes IX, X and Xi Science students.

She was delighted to see such young and aspiring minds like us and greeted us with utmost happiness. She showed and explained the various aspects and prospects of the subject of Biology through Power point presentations and taught us how to learn and love Biology.

We enthusiastically participated in the interactive session and the discussion ended on a happy note. She was able to decrease the fear of the subject from our minds and thus open a new door of opportunities. She also made us understand the importance of Biology in other fields of Science. Hence, it was a beneficial experience for the aspirants in this field and all other learners.


Students of IX and X


On the 1st of November 2018, our school, DPS North Kolkata had organised an Inter- house throw Ball Tournament for girls of Classes VIII, IX and XI. There were 12 members in each team. The tournament started around 9 o’ clock in the morning. There were three levels in the game. The first match was between Bhagat House and Netaji House and the second match was between Gandhi house and Patel house.

In the beginning of the first match Netaji House did quite well but Bhagat House played better in the second half. However, Netaji House managed to win the first match. The contest between Gandhi House and Netaji House was not as interesting as the previous one. Gandhi House flopped in the beginning and there was high chance for Patel House to win. However, Gandhi House gained impetus in the second half of the game and won over the blue shirts.

Then the players had the recess. The players rested and refreshed themselves. Half an hour later the final match started between Netaji House and Gandhi House.

Both the house members were excited to win the trophy for their respective house. Students of different classes formed the audience. The score was recorded on a board placed in the playground. Everyone cheered for their own team as the score increased. Even our teachers were tensed and guided the players as far as possible. When the last half was about to end there was a difference of only one point. People were biting their nails and participants were ready for the last throw and catch. Bhagat House threw the ball and hoped that Netaji House would miss it. However, Netaji House made the final catch and won the tournament by one point. Principal ma’am handed the winner’s trophy to the winning team and another to the runner’s up team.

It was a memorable experience for all of us.





On the 2nd of November 2018, an Inter House Debate Competition was held in our school, DPS North Kolkata. The participants of this Debate were selected from Classes IX, X and XI. The Debate Competition was held in the 5th, 6th and 7th periods. Two speakers were selected from each of the four houses, Bhagat, Patel, Gandhi and Netaji. One speaker was to speak for the motion and one4 against the motion.

The topic of the Debate was revealed one hour before the competition. The participants were allowed to take help of the materials available in the school library and two other members of their respective houses. They could not avail the internet.

The judge and the moderator were special invitees from other institutions. After the guest judges arrived the topic was revealed to the speakers. The topic of the debate was ‘Every student is required to take up performing arts course’.

The competition started with the proposition and opposition speakers on the two sides of the judge and the moderator. Our junior coordinator ma’am kept record of the time and vice principal sir, few teachers and class IX students comprised the audience. Debaters were given 4 minutes to speak and the rebuttal round was for 2 minutes for each speaker.

In the end, the Gandhi House participants, Sagarika Mukherjee and Arush Dey emerged winners with a total of 75 points. The judge of the Debate Competition declared the winners and gave us some valuable advice regarding Debate to help us perform better in debates in future.


Gandhi House members

Class X