DPS North Kolkata has introduced cumpulsory yoga classes for its students. In today’s day and age where young students are unable to handle the mental and physical preassures of growing up, yoga can offer the best help. A millenia old process in which people can gain inner mental peace as well as stay fit, yoga can help children in developing greater concentration power as well as staying physically fit.



When I was young I learnt about colours, but how did I learn, I cannot recollect. I feel it was not taught in any special way but young ones of my school are getting such an interesting opportunity that I wish to go back to the age of three and rewind my life.

We see many colours around us. In order to introduce such colours to our tiny tots, DPS North Kolkata has taken up a unique way. We here at DPS North Kolkata observe various days as special colour days like RED COLOUR DAY, YELLOW COLOUR DAY , GREEN COLOUR DAY. Not only is the school but also the classrooms are decorated in such colours .Children too dress up in red, green or yellow. They drink and eat foods which are of the particular colours.

For the RED DAY, the students came in red dresses with a red object in their hand. They made red cold drinks and had red colored food too. They introduced those objects by saying a few lines on that object and danced to the tune of ‘My Red Balloon’.

Aheli Burman




The month of May was indeed very hot and the students were quite exhausted. To beat this heat and to make the toddlers feel fresh and cheerful, the school organised for a pool party. This was done on a hot sunny day to increase the excitement ten folds… The students of Pre- Nursery danced to the beat of foot- tapping music splashing in the water and enjoyed to the fullest. It was a perfect chill out for them. Initially some of them were hesitant but the soothing touch of the cold water pacified them and they were later reluctant to leave the pool. They indeed had a pool party.

We could observe the event from our classroom windows and sighed several times as we missed such fun. Never mind, we enjoyed their movements and fashionable gestures. After all, we are their seniors!

Abantika Sengupta




Pre Nursery kids of our school opened a ‘Vegetable Fair’. They were assisted by their teachers to sell the vegetables and take round cut outs of coins. There was a lot of excitement and noise just as it happens in a market. Children were calling customers to buy carrot and potato and cauliflowers. They sold vegetables to Principal Ma’am and Headmistress Ma’am too. They touched and smelt the vegetables and I am sure they will never forget this experience. This way they certainly learned the names of vegetables perfectly and had a game day too.

Aheli Burman


Beware of addiction!

I was wondering how I should attend a workshop on addiction and abuse, when it was announced at school. I knew there are youngsters who are addicts and I always felt, this is a fashionable thing to be an addict, though I never thought I would be someone like that. However, I do not like to attend any serious seminar or meeting. But, after I attended the programme and met Mr. Bobby Chakraborty, I could know so many things about the issue that now I am feeling very strong. Addiction is so dangerous that it may ruin the life of a man! Once addicted, it is almost impossible to get out of it, it is neither fun, as believed by most of the teenagers, nor something to release tension. It is killer. I am thankful to my school, DPS, North Kolkata as this enriching workshop was organized. We should be the soldiers to help addicts to come out of this poisonous element of society.

Rounak Dutta


Non – verbal Play

Everyone loves trips. It is enjoyable, relaxing and is filled with happy moments. Sometimes it serves some educational purpose also. Our school organized a trip for class VI to ‘Max Muller Bhavan’. We took our Principal’s consent and left for the trip from our school. The starting of the day was nice as we all went by the same bus. After reaching we felt a little commotion but it cooled down as the non – verbal act started. It was directed by Shantonil Ganguly who went to Berlin and got a motivation for creating this type of act. It spread the message that everyone needs a companion for him/her in his/her life. It illustrated the views of a man’s life as he lost all his friends and he was very upset but when he gets his lifelong partnership shadow, he actually starts to enjoy his life. It was a fiction, shadow and comedy play from which we learnt many things. I hope our school organizes more amusing trips which gives the students opportunities to explore different types of knowledge from outside the school.


  Class VI – D.

I am proud to be a Dipsite

School is a place unparalleled to its ability to shape one’s future based on his or her potential. A school is often termed as the temple of learning and a house for future citizens. My school, Delhi public School, North Kolkata, is a part of the renowned DPS society known for its educational establishment in the society. However, my school is a young one, which started on 23rd April, 2014. It was a joint effort done by three personalities, already famous in the field of education.

The relation between the teachers and the students are extremely cordial. The students are always helped in need and are cared individually. Special remedial classes are conducted to reduce the pressure of academics of students needing help. Principal Ma’am spend two and half hours every evening to groom the students of class IX, who need some special attention.

We have activity classes like singing, dancing, painting, Film studies, instrumental, debates, cooking, etc. I, myself, have participated in activities like Quiz, instrumental and Photography. Every day is a new day for us, as school assembly is presented in interesting ways. Students perform skits, dance, speech and songs on various topics and themes to spread the awareness and to offer opportunities to each of us to perform in front of all.

I can feel a difference in this school, as we are going through a process of learning and we are never bound in the four walls of class rooms. We are always looking beyond the borders and encouraged to explore rather than to imitate. I am proud of my school.


Class IX – B

My dear plant

Today I am going to tell you a story of my plant growing inside our classroom. On 30 July I brought a baby sapling to school. We were too excited to place it on the windowsill. We started watering the plant every day and observe its growth. It was getting enough sunlight and air to prepare its food. It is growing day by day, in front of our eyes as we all care for it. Some of my friends like Aditya Mukherjee, Satwata, Sayak and Mehul have also watered the plant. I will never forget their help. Gradually the little sapling is turning into a young plant. It is amazing. It has completed 4 months on 30th November. Flowers are bloomed now. I will never forget this journey of four months growing a plant in my school, DPS, North Kolkata.


Rhine Sadhukhan



Have you ever visited a residential institution devoted to the care of orphans? They really need our love, compassion and care.On the 16th of November , 2016 some students of Netaji House of our school Delhi Public School North Kolkata were taken to visit an orphanage and handover some stationeries and friendship bands to the children staying there. When the day for the visit came I was very excited to meet the dear ones and handover some gifts to them.

We started off and reached the destination within some time. In the orphanage, we saw a special park which was made for them. All the children were gathered in that playground. We tied friendship bands on their wrists. We gave them stationeries like pencils, erasers and pens according to their age. They were very happy to get the stationeries. I was delighted and my joy knew no bounds. We cut a chocolate cake for them which we had carried from our school. They jumped with delight at the sight of the cake. They were extremely happy to eat a delicious cake. There were many children of different ages and some were of our age also. We spent two hours with them and then it was time for us to return. Spending a day with them was really a wonderful experience for me and I will cherish these memories forever in my life. I sincerely thank my school DPS North Kolkata for giving me this opportunity.

Mehul Chakraborty


Story Telling Session with Ken Spillman

When I heard that a great author will be visiting our very own, Delhi Public School North Kolkata, I was overwhelmed. The great author who visited our school was Ken Spillman. He is an Australian author. He has penned some famous books like- Jake’s Great Game, Jake’s Gigantic List, Jake’s Cooking Craze, Jake’s Balloon Blast and Jake’s Monster Mess. On that particular day I could not believe my eyes that a great author like him was standing in front of me and even shook hands with me.

He started a story telling session with the students of DPS North Kolkata. The way he narrated the story was extremely awesome. He made actual sounds of kicking a football, the ball hitting someone, an aeroplane landing etc. He also shared his thoughts about his books. After that he encouraged a question-answer session. It was like a dream come true. When I asked him a question, he praised me and answered it lovingly. It was a great experience worth remembering. I wish my school, DPS North Kolkata, gives me more such opportunities to meet great authors in future.


Name: Koustav Kundu

Class: V  C



Crony the crow, flew to and fro,

To search for views, to search for news.

It bent its head; it twitched its eye-

It perched on a tree quite ready to fly.

Flew higher and higher till it reached the spot

Where it found information a lot-

It reached the school where children learn,

Their study with activity and play with fun.

The institution is unique with news galore-

With smiling faces filling every floor.

It wrote and wrote with skill and poise:

Bringing all sort of news with perfect grace.

The crow remained anonymous, it remained unknown;

It proved that for a purpose everyone is born.


Drawing Competition in DPS North Kolkata

Camlin organised a Sit and Draw Competition in Delhi public School North Kolkata on 20th July, 2016. All the pre-primary classes right from Pre- Nursery to K.G participated in it. The Camlin contest in DPS North Kolkata comprised of approximately 800 children. The topic given was “My Toy”.

The children of Delhi Public School North Kolkata enjoyed drawing their favourite toys. They used their imagination and skill and painted beautifully. Out of the total participating children, 20 of them were awarded certificates and a silver coin each.

I hope that the children of Delhi Public School North Kolkata get more such opportunities to nurture their skill and talent.


It was Saturday,10th December 2016, DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NORTH KOLKATA organized an Inter House  Football Match within the premises. I was very excited about this match as I was one of the participants from class VIII Bhagat House. This was my first football match in life and representing my House was a big event for me.

This inter-house Knock-out competition began at around 8:30a.m. with Bhagat House and Gandhi House locking horns at the very outset. The first round for each class from VI-IX was the semi-final and the next was the final. Next semi-final was between Patel House and Netaji House. Patel House won the match.

In the same manner, the four Houses played for each class and the winners for class VII was Gandhi House, for class VII was Netaji House and for class IX was Bhagat House. Since each House won a match the result was a draw and a mixed match was arranged.

We had energy drinks and a light snack and rested for a while. Then we were up on our feet once again to fight the last battle. The mix match semi-final was played between Gandhi House and Netaji House and the other between Bhagat House and Patel House. Gandhi House and Patel House emerged for the finals. The last great struggle for the winner’s trophy began amidst great cheering and shrieking. At the end, Gandhi House made its day with a 2-0 score.

We could hardly hold back ourselves from the show of extreme joy at our victory. A photograph session followed and the Winner’s Cup will be handed over on the Day of the Cultural Programme.



Yash Shaw

Class – IX A


‘Shape It Up’ Workshop

It happens only inDelhi Public School North Kolkata that children visit the most unique and lovely sessions of workshops. On the 21st of November some students who were interested in pottery or had prior experience in it, attended an Art Workshop in Pottery at Victoria Memorial Hall. The place was perfect for creative work with a calm, cool atmosphere where the mind was at ease and ideas poured in abundance.

In the midst of history and nature, students from various schools had gathered for this workshop. Each team sat in a circle and was given balls of clay. We started off on a creative quest, moulding our clay lumps to give shape to our imagination. We discussed our ideas with our team members and decided upon the most interesting and innovative ones. One of them was a tribal mask. A mentor guided us and showed us how to mould the clay properly.

We made things like a basket, a piggy bank, a cup and the most innovative one was a Film Fair Award Model! We had real fun as we learnt a whole lot of new things no matter to what extent our hands and clothes were muddy. We were absorbed in our craft and had a wonderful time. This ended with taking a group photograph with our school art teacher.

This workshop was more a creative adventure for all of us. We will preserve this memory with us throughout our lives.


 Anurupa Das

Class – IX B


Our school Delhi Public School North Kolkata organized a whole day camp including night-stay with the students of Class III. All the students of Class III were invited to participate in this camp. We reached school on the 3rd of December at around 12:00 noon.

We had a sumptuous lunch and then boarded the buses for a visit to Eco- Park. At the park we enjoyed a lot- playing games and running around with our friends. In the end we sat on the grass and watched the sunset which was an unforgettable sight. The sky looked colourful and the birds’ chirping was a sweet music to our tired ears. In the evening we returned to school.

In school we had a craft workshop and a fireless cooking session. We learnt a good lot of things joyfully. Our teachers helped us in every little thing we did and so we hardly missed our parents. We were rather too excited and did not want to lose a speck of the merriment by thinking about home.

We had dinner together and chatted with our friends. At night we were tucked up in beds and sat snugly in them. Principal Ma’am told us a beautiful story and put us to sleep.

Next morning we woke up early and went to the school terrace to watch the sun rise. We shared our experiences with our teachers and Principal ma’am. We told them what differences we noticed between sunset and sunrise. Then we dressed up had our cheese sandwiches and juice. We were ready to meet our parents at last.

We returned home feeling a bit sad to leave school that day i.e 4th December ,may be for the first time.


Rupayon Mitra



When you believe in truthfulness and accuracy you are bound to name your Annual Function VERACITY. Yes the Annual Function VERACITY of Delhi Public School North Kolkata took place on 23rd and 24th December 2017, in the Science City Auditorium. It is the first Annual Function of Delhi Public School North Kolkata since its inception. On the first day the Chief Guest was Pandit Ajay Chakraborty. He blessed the students not only with his precious words but also a beautiful rendition. There was a prize distribution ceremony of such categories which did not define children solely for their academic abilities but an individual in totality. A special category surely needs to be mentioned which is Friend of the school.

Our function VERACITY of Delhi Public School North Kolkata was unique too as children brought out the values, which is a necessity of the hour. There were toddlers dressed as the dolls of the world, a musical like Beeblebeen Beebleboo which showed that a wall cannot separate humanity, other programmes were fusion of jazz and Kathak, mime, ballet, English drama, dance drama like Nodi, skit recitals like Bindaas bandar, song medley, unconventional music bringing melody to buckets, glasses, stainless steel plates and many more.

The entire auditorium was filled with enthusiasm and love of participation. The entire DPS North Kolkata family gave their best to make this huge programme a success. Every heart that throbbed before Christmas with anxiety was thrilled and ecstatic on the eve of Christmas and New Year.


Mock Bazaar

On 24th January 2017 we had a mock bazaar presentation in our class VII at DPS North Kolkata. It was an English project related to the poem ‘In the Bazaars of Hyderabad’ by Sarojini Naidu.

The whole class was full of zeal and enthusiasm. The class was divided into four groups and we took different responsibilities. All wanted to give their best. We went to the bazaar not only to buy things but also to learn and study the behavior of the shopkeepers and customers. All the groups started to prepare different items to be sold in the market. It was a golden opportunity for us to show our potential. All the groups worked hard to give their best .This were an ideal project which gave us an idea of the real scenario of a bazaar or open market.

This project also helped us to develop our communicative skill; we learnt team management, sharing and caring. This activity also gave us the true concept of the poem ‘In the Bazaars of Hyderabad’.


Asmita Pramanik

Mansi Raut



On 18 January 2017, we visited the Ancestral home of Swami Vivekananda in Kolkata. We were taken over there in our school bus by our class teachers. When we reached, the people of Ramkrishna Mission welcomed us and took us upstairs. We had to leave our shoes outside and had to maintain silence. We were also not allowed to take photographs. The front portion of the house is newly built of marble.

Upstairs we sat in a balcony and watched a video which was on the early life of Swamiji. We also saw a huge wall sculpture of the Sapta Rishis meditating and the Lord in the shape of a baby embracing one Rishi and speaking in his ears. It is based on the Divine Call that Swamiji got from Sri Ramkrishna before his birth.

After seeing these we entered the old house of Swamiji. The rooms were small but very neat and clean. The furniture was heavy with black polish. There were beds, chairs, tables, book-shelves with many old books and dressing tables. There were prayer rooms and prayer halls. We also saw wax dolls of Swamiji as a child doing many extraordinary things, Swamiji having a vision of Gautama Buddha, and, dolls of brothers (Mohendranath Dutta and Bhupendranath Dutta), father (Biswanath Dutta) and grandmother ( Shyamasundori Devi) sitting in their rooms meditating or reading.

We saw things that were used by Swamiji and his family members, like, clothes, games and physical exercise articles, daily use and prayer offering articles in the house of Swamiji. There were many pictures and statues of Swamiji, Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa Dev, Ma Sarada, Sister Nibedita in the house.

We learnt many things and enjoyed the trip with our friends.





The British had made India into a colony. They used to take raw materials from India at low prices, make them into finished products, and then sell them in India at high prices. They forced the Indians to use British-made goods, which was inexpensive and banned the Indian products. This way the Indians suffered great losses during the British administration.

To save the Indians from the oppressions by the British, many enlightened Indians raised their voices. One of them was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. He was a great Indian patriot and former leader of the Indian National Congress. In his early life, he used to live at 38/2 Elgin Road, in Bhawanipore, Kolkata-700025. The mansion in which Netaji used to live has been converted into a heritage building now and renamed as Netaji Bhawan, where we went for an educational trip of Social Science on 25th of January, 2017.

This educational trip was specially organised for class VIII and we gained lots of knowledge about Netaji and his life. We reached there by school bus. Upon reaching, we saw many sentences engraved on the walls of the whole house which was related to Netaji and his life. At the entrance, a black car was kept in a case in which Sisir Kumar Bose, Netaji’s nephew, helped him to escape around 16th and 17th of January. The car’s name was Wanderer Bla and its number was 7169.

Just opposite to the car, on the other side was the Sarat Bose Hall. After crossing the car, we saw a replica of the Singapore Memorial. It was made by Netaji, in memory of the martyrs of Indian National Army on 8th July, 1945. In front of it was the entrance to the house.

We went upstairs through a wooden staircase. We saw Netaji and Sisir Kumar Bose’s Bedrooms. After that, we saw Netaji’s study room which was flooded with large racks of books. Then we marched on upstairs for the best part of our trip.

Just a floor above, many valuables of Netaji were kept safely in cases. There were two rooms, and both the rooms had many pictures related to Netaji’s life; each picture had a caption at the bottom which made it more easy to read the pictures. Netaji’s clothes were also kept their safely, with a caption each to make the viewers understand. Netaji’s ration card and passport was also kept their along with some case files and letters.

The best thing was, all the students were seen eager to know about Netaji’s life as they were carefully writing down the various information which was on display.

After our educational trip was over, we came back to school by school bus.

Aaheli Barman

Class VIII- B


A mock parliament was conducted by the students of class VIII A, courtesy of our class teacher Ma’am on whither our modern India proceeds. The topic mainly concentrated on the importance of education over military in the sector of annulment of budget.

A group of students represented the Education Minister and associates and another group represented the Ministry of Defence. The roles of the Honourable Speaker, The Advisory Board and the Prime Minister were played by different students. Given the current situation, Military occupied 30 percent of the Annual Budget whereas Education covered a measly 5 percent. The Education Board led by the Minister of Education requested for affixing 10 percent of the Annual Budget for Education while in this case, lowering the Military budget to twenty five percent. The Defence Minister enacted by Krishnapriya Ghatak opposed the proposition by emphasizing on the importance of militarization given India being a superpower and us living in a Nuclear Age. The Education Minister enacted by Khushi Bhattacharya believed in the importance of educating the future generation for a better India. She emphasized that India being a developing nation needs greater minds in larger numbers to make India the greatest nation as it once used to be. There was a heated argument on this matter between the two houses and it was well suppressed and controlled by the Speaker played by Saarnav Gupta. Finally the Advisory Board came to a conclusion of increasing the education bill to 8 percent whereas downsizing the Military Budget to 27 percent which went good with both the houses given even the Prime Minister enacted by Alapan Konar found it a good idea. Finally with the signatures of the Prime Minister, Speaker and affirmation of the President, the bill was passed. This session was then adjourned by the Speaker.

This activity helped us a lot in understanding how a parliament session works putting ourselves in the shoes of the people who run our great nation. This in the long run, helped us to get a better idea of the Parliamentary System of India.

Anurag Choudhuri



There are many Indians who are remembered for their valuable contributions towards the progress of society and mankind. They have influenced and inspired many people and we learn many lessons from their lives, and playing a role on their lifestyle is much more interesting than reading. On 31st of January, we, the class 5 students of DPS NORTH KOLKATA got the opportunity to arrange a role-play on some great Indians as a part of our SST Curriculum. Different students of our class were given different roles to play. We were asked to dress up like those great people and come to school and act like them.

I was given the role of Mahatma Gandhi. I prepared a speech on him and then collected things for my costume in order to dress-up like The Father of the Nation. In my school, few of my teachers helped me to dress up before the act. The other students have also come well prepared and in proper costumes. One girl dressed like Rani Lakshmi Bai, another student dressed like Pandit Ravi Shankar and another student as Rabindranath Tagore. Many others were also there performing other roles. In my speech I mentioned Mahatma Gandhi’s life, activities, principles and his worldwide famous cry that is “Do or Die”.  This was how I played a role of the Great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi.




Swami Vivekananda

I know a man as great as God

We can tell him as a lord.

He is a man like no other 

We can tell him as a spiritual father.

He is different

He is unique.

He is a person

We wish to meet

He showed us light

Even from the darkest site.

He showed us what to gain

Even from severe pain.

Told us the good in bad memories and faith.

Taught us the real meaning of sacred

With his words he brought-

An end to our confused minds.

For that we thank him a lot .

A humble man was he,

We respect him proudly.

He cured our minds to the core.

But there is one harsh truth that we can’t ignore

That Swami Vivekananda is no more.

But cheer up I know it pains,

But we have a reason for that again,

That he did not die in vain.

By his works, speeches and thoughts that he frames.

He will be there for us again!

      Sayontika Sen Gupta

      VIII C- 24

Trip to Botanic Paradise

The Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden is one of the largest floral reserves in the world. It is the home to over a thousand species of trees and the Great Banyan tree. Our school had decided on an educational trip to the Botanical Garden for class IX. When the notice came in, we all were overjoyed. The main objective of this trip was a social science project. For this we had to take photographs of different species of trees and bind the pictures into an album. We were thus allowed to carry our cameras or mobile phones along with us.

It was a cold Monday morning. We all were very excited and ready to go to the Botanical Garden. We boarded the bus from school around10 a.m. The Botanical Garden is situated on the banks of the Ganges. It took us about an hour to reach there. It was only after our accompanying teacher collected our passes, we could see the glorious floral heritage left behind by the Englishmen, past the gate. The place was huge and had a great floral diversity. Everyone instantly took their cameras and mobiles out and started taking photographs. I myself had my grand time taking photographs of the diverse varieties of trees. The scenic greenery of the place was enough to amaze me. The pollution free environment made me relax and calm myself from the daily busy lives we lead in the cities. As we moved on, we saw and got to know about different species of trees. Our teachers also helped us recognizing different trees. It was amazing to see such a diverse variety of trees in one place and being maintained so well. Soon it was time to say adieu to the place and return back to our school. At around 12 p.m. we reached the main gate and boarded our bus.

During the time we were there, we had lots of fun and were happy to have visited the place. The place surely is a Botanic Paradise.



Siddhant Gayen.

IX B.Trip to Botanic Paradise

The Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden is one of the largest floral reserves in the world. It is the home to over a thousand species of trees and the Great Banyan tree. Our school had decided on an educational trip to the Botanical Garden for class IX. When the notice came in, we all were overjoyed. The main objective of this trip was a social science project. For this we had to take photographs of different species of trees and bind the pictures into an album. We were thus allowed to carry our cameras or mobile phones along with us.

It was a cold Monday morning. We all were very excited and ready to go to the Botanical Garden. We boarded the bus from school around10 a.m. The Botanical Garden is situated on the banks of the Ganges. It took us about an hour to reach there. It was only after our accompanying teacher collected our passes, we could see the glorious floral heritage left behind by the Englishmen, past the gate. The place was huge and had a great floral diversity. Everyone instantly took their cameras and mobiles out and started taking photographs. I myself had my grand time taking photographs of the diverse varieties of trees. The scenic greenery of the place was enough to amaze me. The pollution free environment made me relax and calm myself from the daily busy lives we lead in the cities. As we moved on, we saw and got to know about different species of trees. Our teachers also helped us recognizing different trees. It was amazing to see such a diverse variety of trees in one place and being maintained so well. Soon it was time to say adieu to the place and return back to our school. At around 12 p.m. we reached the main gate and boarded our bus.

During the time we were there, we had lots of fun and were happy to have visited the place. The place surely is a Botanic Paradise.



Siddhant Gayen.



On 17th January 2016 we had a cleanliness campaign based on the chapter of our science book-“Garbage in, Garbage out”in our school DPS North Kolkata. We went for the campaign in our physics period with our teacher and along with our handmade paper bags. We all were instructed to make our own bags for the campaign. We went to the school ground and collected wastes like dry leaves,plastics,newspapers etc and put it inside our bags. It was a really a good campaign as it made us understand about the wastes and how we may reduce wastes and also not throw them here and there. Our teacher explained during the campaign that how you can reuse the wastes to make useful things to decorate our houses out of those. It was good to see that our school ground was not so much dirty and we got a very less amount of dirt. After returning to our class, our teacher explained the importance of this campaign and told us to make some creative things from the wastes that we collected. I made a newspaper dress worn by a girl on an A4 sheet which was made by some useless newspapers and my creativity was praised by my teacher as well as my friends .This made me really happy and surprised that what we were praising is a type of waste whose look has just got a change. Thus, I liked this campaign very much and I hope our teachers look forward for such campaigns again in future.


Shreya Sinha                     

Class- 6 D


In our school, DPS North Kolkata, most of the learning takes place through activity method. To learn about Light and shadow we were taken to the Activity Room by our Class Teacher. At first, ma’am darkened the room by drawing the curtains. Then she lit a candle and placed it on a chair. There was a whiteboard behind the candle. Our teacher asked us to make some figures with our fingers and hand. The shadow of our hands fell on the board. We made different kinds of shapes with our hands and had fun watching the shadows. All my friends loved to see the shadow of an elephant made by me. We also made snakes, zebras, deer, birds, butterflies and so on. We learnt that when light falls on a solid object its shape is seen on another object or screen. This dark shape is called a shadow.

Thanks to our teacher.

Riddhit Majumdar

Class IID

Our School Canteen

Our school Delhi Public School North Kolkata has started canteen facility in the school premise to offer hygienic and tasty food for us. We have to buy coupons of various denominations and redeem them at the canteen. There is a monthly card system for meals too. We get various vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals like Biriyani, Keema Paratha, Aloo Paratha, Chowmein, Manchurian dishes, fish fry, fish finger, butter toast, Maggie and so on and so forth. We can collect coupons through our parents or class teachers from the school office. We produce the required value of coupons at the canteen counter to get our meals or the food we like. We do have to stand in a long queue but the service is quite fast and the lunch break lasts for forty minutes. The canteen is a spacious area with ample space to settle down and eat. There are wash basins for washing hands at one side of the canteen. We can buy food on particular days too. Like on Thursday I , love to take aloo kabli.

It is an excellent arrangement for the students and even our parents are happy with it. Many parents who are unable to cook breakfast or lunch early morning for their children are very much relieved and pleased. We are also extremely happy with the school canteen.


Tamoghno Majumder VII D

Ahana Das VII D

Western Music Concert by Bhagat House – DPS North Kolkata

We, humans are social beings. We need a society to live in, friends to talk to and elders to rely upon. Expressing our thoughts and feelings has always been important for us. We chose language over howling and waving our hands. Music is similarly no less than a tool for expressing our feelings.

On 19th of April, we, the students of Bhagat house of DPS North Kolkata hosted a concert on Western Music. Different genres of music such as country, classic, etc were performed. The audience comprised of the students of class 8, volunteers and teachers of respective classes. The songs included “Country Roads” by John Denver, expressing our bond with our country houses,  “Imagine” by John Lennon, a song which dreams of a better world, the classic “Five Hundred Miles” , the popular “All we know” by The Chain Smokers and “Waving Flag” by K’naan. We, the performers were greeted by a very impatiently waiting audience. However, after the programme was concluded with HM ma’ams speech, the crowd cheered loudly.


The programme was a short one and so was our time allotted for preparing. The long breaks and the Zero periods were allotted for our rehearsals though it was not ample time but we managed .During our rehearsals, the presence of our House Mistresses – Suchismita ma’am and Asha ma’am really gave us lot of support. They encouraged us when we gave up hope, scolded us yet supported us all along.

Prasun sir, our music teacher had guided us when played the wrong notes or when we sang out of tune. We couldn’t have done half of what we performed, without Sir. He not only corrected our Rhythms and helped us maintain the tempo but also gave his own inputs which made the songs even more pleasant to listen to

It was the first time ever that Shreyan Ray of class VIII D had performed on stage. Even during the rehearsals, he used to use his guitar to express his over excitement by playing a Rock-genre solo or by jumping as if metal springs were attached to the bottom of his feet. Srijita Ray of class VIII D said “It was the most wonderful feeling when we were asked to sing the last song – Waving, Flag again!” Other senior performers too felt the same way!

It was a wonderful opportunity for those of us who love music and we love our school too for providing us with such opportunities and at the same time maintaining our academic performances. And we don’t feel childish at all when we say, “WE LOVE DPS NK!!” It comes from our heart.





Prize Distribution for the Essay Writing Competition

A program was held on 6th May 2017 at Rotary Sadan to celebrate Sister Nibedita’s 150th Birth Anniversary. It was also to award the winners of the Essay writing competition held in 30 schools on 21st April 2017. It was organized by the Rotary Club of Calcutta Harmony under the blessings and support of Ramakrishna Mission Belur Math. The program started with a medley of songs sung by the girls of Sister Nibedita School. It was followed by the lighting of the lamp by the honorable Maharajas of the Mission. They delivered an inspirational speech about Sister Nibedita’s life and congratulated all of the 30 schools which had participated in the essay writing competition on Sister Nibedita’s contribution to the Indian Society. After this, three students were asked to speak about the topic and one of them was Aaheli Burman of Class 9 from our school. Then there was another medley of songs by the members of the Club after which it was finally the time for the long-awaited event of the evening, the prize distribution. Each of the winners was called on stage and was awarded a certificate and a shield for his/her efforts. The winners from D.P.S. North Kolkata were:

·        Anurupa Das of Class 10, who stood First

·        Chirag Chatterjee of Class 8, who stood Second

·        Aindri Kar of Class 8, who stood Third.

Our very dear and respected Bengali teacher Saswati Ma’a, who had accompanied us for the evening and was representing the school, was also called on stage and given the certificates. It was a really a memorable day for all of us. The greatest honor for me was to stand onstage and receive the First prize for my school. I hope I can improve even more, continuing to live up to everyone’s expectations making them proud in the future as well.


Anurupa Das of Class 10 – A

Netaji House – Indian Classical Music

On 26th April 2017 the members of Netaji House of DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NORTH KOLKATA conducted a Seminar on Indian Classical Music. Students of other houses of Class IX attended the programme along with our Principal Ma’am, Headmistress Ma’am, Coordinator Ma’am and other teachers. The programme started with a short introductory speech and itinerary of Indian Classical music. Some of the students of Classes IV and V dressed up as maestros of Indian Classical music and spoke a few lines about them. Then one of the students sang a Bandish. They also played instruments on Fusion Music. The students even sang an Assamese folk song. There was a PPT presentation on different kinds of uncommon musical instruments as well as  a chart display. The programme ended with a speech by Principal Ma’am. She appreciated our initiative on Indian Classical music. This activity helped us to learn about the diversity of Indian Classical music and its Maestros.

Guitar Recital Gandhi House

Guitar Recital

Gandhi House

It all started from the second week of March. We, the members of Gandhi House, of DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NORTH KOLKATA, were informed about a Guitar Recital programme which was to be conducted by our house on the 20thof March.

Pallav Sir, our guitar teacher and Prasun Sir, our music teacher were given the responsibilities to guide us. Five students were selected for the recital. We were asked to select a few songs for our performance. We selected Raabata by Arijit Singh, the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean, Titanic theme song, Castle of Glass music, Phule Phule ,Love me like you do by Ellie Gouldin. During rehearsals, we faced a few synchronization disputes among us but gradually everything got solved with our effort and hard work. After all our efforts, it slowly took a good shape and we reached the final week.

It was the morning of 20th March, we were excited to perform. In the 5th period we went to the 5th floor. 5/1 room was the venue for our performance. We checked all technical matters, did a stage rehearsal. Class VII was the audience. They were really cheerful. We performed really well but there was a minor mistake from our side. we did not communicate with the audience about what we played; we just performed what we rehearsed without taking into consideration the audience. This flaw was pointed out to us by our Principal Ma’am. The teachers praised us but they also suggested the same thing what Principal Ma’am said.

We had mixed feelings at the end of the show. We promised ourselves not to make any such mistake in future.

Indranil Das

Class X B


We, the students of DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NORTH KOLKATA, Srijit Paul, Aishik Kundu, Arpan Das and myself Subhayun Kundu, participated in the Inter School Chess Competition held in Heritage School Kolkata, and secured the second position after defeating Aditya Academy.

Heritage School hosted this competition and the participating schools were seven in number, namely, Heritage School (host), South Point High School, St. Lawrence, Aditya Academy School, Apeejay School Saltlake, Methodist Dankuni and our Delhi Public School North Kolkata.

There were four rounds in all. We tried our level best to top the competition, but secured the second position. We promise to do better next time.

Subhayun Kundu and Sayantan Das

Class X C


I am Ritwika Sarkar of Patel House. Through this blog I would like to share a memorable experience of the programme by the Patel House children. The programme’s name was Budding Bands, as it was performed by junior students of classes 3, 4 and 5 on 27th April 2017 . There were even musicians. Soubeer Kole of class 9-A played the keyboard, Rudrajeet Bhattacharjee of class 8-B supported them by playing the guitar and I myself played the maracas. The day’s experience was wonderful for all of us. The nice programme was just reflection of our hard work. The children sang all Bengali, Hindi and English songs. The wonderful anchoring by the students of class 4 took the programme to its supremacy. Students of Class 6 were the spectators. Principal Ma’am gave us an excellent comment which was the best gift to us. This day will be memorable not only for us but also for the whole school.


Being a tenth grader, the most common question faced by me and all my other fellow mates stands, “So what stream are you planning to choose in your Higher Secondary?” Though most of us have thought of a future profession for ourselves, we were still quite unclear about which stream to choose that would take us to our desired professions. But being a Dipsite, you are hardly ever in doubt; after all, the school provides you with all the requirements needed for clearing your qualms, even before you ask for them!

On 19th June 2017, our school had organized a career counselling workshop for the students of class 10.The session was conducted by Mrs Anju Das and it covered several important points that students should keep in mind while choosing a stream in class 11 an eventually, their career paths.

Several topics related to and other determining factors that must be kept in mind while choosing one’s career such as interests, available career options, good colleges for the same, academic potential, life span of career, commercial resources were all thoroughly discussed through few interesting presentations that contained relevant examples. This session also gave us a clear idea about what skills are required in pursuing and being successful in any career in general.

Anju Ma’am’s words regarding the same were also very motivating and inspirational. Finally in the end of the session we were all given a booklet containing the detailed information of all the stream options and various career paths available in and after our class 11.Through this workshop we could have a clear insight into our future and hence can now exactly decide ‘what and how’ we want to shape our own future!


                         -Sahana Roy Chowdhury



The students of Netaji House had organized a Story-telling Session. The students acted out and narrated stories in Hindi, Bengali and English. All the sections of grade III were shown the programme. The programme started with a word from our anchor. The English story was narrated and enacted at first followed by Bengali and Hindi respectively. All the teachers who were associated with the programme were very happy about the performance of the students. In the English story telling session, the story of Robin Hood was performed. In Bengali, the famous series of ‘Thakumar Jhuli’ was recited. A short performance was done in Hindi.

Unfortunately, our Principal ma’am could not witness the programme as she was busy in a meeting. The audience listened to the stories attentively. Everyone was very happy. Our Co-ordinator ma’am congratulated the Netaji House students for their performance. It was their hard work that got them the result. I would like to end with the quotation, “Hard-work is the key to success.”

Akash Chowdhury

Class- VII E

Book making workshop by Gandhi House

On 30th June a book making workshop was organized by Gandhi House. Before this, I always knew how to read books not to make one. The event started at about 11:30 am shortly after we had our recess.

The books were made by grades VII, VIII and IX while grade IV came to see the books which were already made and were on display. While making the books a well prepared P.P.T was shown to us giving us tips on making a good and attractive book. We also had the opportunity of having a brief presence of our Principal ma’am while we were making the books. A beautiful poem on books was recited by a class VI student. Our teachers inspired us a lot while making the books.

After our work was completed pictures of the students were taken with their respective books made by them. Due to this workshop I came to learn a lot of new things and had lots of fun.

Thank you DPS North Kolkata for such an experience.


Aarush Dey



Gandhi House members of Delhi Public School North Kolkata organized and performed in a Story telling session with puppets on the 13th of July 2017 in the school premises. It was a splendid display of voices and colours. Gandhi house members of classes V to IX participated in this programme. They made the puppets themselves and in most cases the stories were original. The puppets were made of paper or cloth. Some of them portrayed the well-known moral stories like ‘The Golden Egg”, “The mischievous shepherd boy”, ‘The foolish lion”, ‘Unity is Strength” and so on. The original stories were based on Road Safety, Helping others, Honesty and so on. The members performed with dexterity and passion. Class III students came to listen to the stories narrated by puppets. They enjoyed the entire performance and were quite lively. A few teachers of Gandhi House as well as other houses attended the programme too.

Pritha Sarkar

IX – B

History Activity Hieroglyphic Script

There are various interesting activities that we pursue in our school. Even we the students of class VI-B of Delhi Public School North Kolkata love to participate in such activities. We all made our history project in the class. We were asked to bring the necessary things in our previous class. We had to bring a clay tablet, cardboard, thermocol and plasticine for our project. We started working under the inspiration of our history teacher Sahani ma’am. We all started to do our work together with great enthusiasm. We made the inscription on the clay tablet or on a cardboard. The whole class was busy with this creative work and our teacher guided us wherever and whenever necessary. With this activity we came to learn how the Hieroglyphic script was written and the meaning of each and every pictorial inscription. It was really very exciting and we all enjoyed the activity a lot.





Child abuse is when someone known or unknown, causes injury, death, emotional harm or serious harm to a child. There are many forms of child maltreatment, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation and emotional abuse. There was a workshop organized by ‘ARISE’ in its programme ENDEAVOUR at DPS North Kolkata against child abuse for classes II to IV as we felt children of this age are more vulnerable. They were shown a documentary and later an interactive session was held. Knowledge about good touches and bad touches were given and also that there was no specific way to recognize an abusive person. Though the session started quite casually by showing a cartoon but later on children seemed to come out with problems they had already faced. The counselor and organizer of the programme could help them out in a very innovative and mature way.


We are little ones let us dance-

We are the future let us bloom,

We are innocent let us be so-

We do no harm so care for us too.

We are like butterflies who love to fly

Do not touch or feel us, we shall cry.

We believe in you, we love you much,

But we do not like that ugly touch.

We are the fairies and the angels on earth,

Let us live so that you know our worth.

Save us, nurture us, train us

Love us, lead us, and guide us.



You must all have heard or known that reading books takes us to a new world where there would be all the pleasant things that we dream of. You are also aware of the fact that books also help us in improving our knowledge skills. However, my school DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NORTH KOLKATA came up with a question – why don’t we make a NEW WORLD for ourselves, why don’t we put our knowledge together to make something of our own?

So, on 29th June we the students of PATEL HOUSE organised a book making workshop which couldn’t have been possible without the guidance of our teachers. We had six groups with six students in each groups. Different themes for books had been given to each group like Detective book, Travel and Tourism, Science fiction, Comic book and Story book.

All the members of each group had put their magnificent creative powers together to make their particular book in an innovative way.

Each group showcased their huge creativity, artistic skill, and a lot of enthusiasm.

While participating in the workshop, I learned things like co-ordination and co-operation  and much they are necessary for a successful team work.

I think the workshop was a perfect form of hands-on learning in between our regular studies. I am very thankful to our school and teachers who helped us to have a new experience through this workshop, which I am very sure, would be useful in our future.





In the year 1862, Maharshi Debendranath Tagore was on his way to one of his friends in Raipur – Babu Sitikanta Sinha. To rest he had to find a place and a Chatim tree in Vubondanga served the purpose rightfully. Pleased by the surroundings of the tree, the Zamindar set his mind on buying the property. On learning that his friend in Raipur owned the property, Tagore bought the place and an established a religious meditation centre – Shantiniketan. On 21st of July, the students of class 9 of DPS North Kolkata were taken on an educational trip to this place.

On our first day, after an enjoyable train journey, we stopped at Hotel Basundhara. Soon after having our lunch we left for the University Campus. We were accompanied by several guides inside the campus, who efficiently brought life to the places we saw around us. All of us liked the way the students are taught in Path Bhavan. We envied how they have to appear for weekly tests only. The classrooms under the trees fascinated us. We saw replicas of several works of the great artist Ramkinkar Baij. The Meditation room which opens only on Wednesdays was one of the most elegant buildings in the campus. Later, Mayukh sir, who had accompanied us during the trip explained how the artist used to make his sculptures. Later that day, we went to Amar Kutir where we enjoyed the beautiful view of the river Kopai. Disappointment followed when we were not allowed to go near the river bank. A delicious dinner marked the end of the day for us at the hotel.


Next day, firstly, we went to the museum where we got an insight to Rabindranath Tagore’s life. There were articles of which he used, including vessels, pens and even a sword. The museum showed us that the great man was much greater than a poet. He was a philosopher, a lover of nature and most importantly, a visionary. The replica of the Nobel Prize caught most of our attention at the museum. Unlike the previous day, there was no guide accompanying us but that didn’t matter as Saswati mam knew almost everything there was, about Rabindranath Tagore. The weather however didn’t co-operate with our schedule. It started drizzling while we were still seeing the houses of the Tagore family. We retreated to the hotel shortly afterwards. After having lunch, we left for Sonajhuri. It was close to the river Khoai. We were very happy when our teachers allowed us to disperse and buy whatever we wanted on the condition that we had to be back at the parking area by 5 pm. Sonajhuri was the liveliest place we had seen on our entire trip. The tribal girls danced to the rhythms played by the boys. Under trees, there were Baul singers. Handicrafts were being sold everywhere. Many students got their signatures turned into a painting by a very talented artist. All of us were roaming around, enjoying the environment when all of a sudden, it started raining heavily. It was our last day in Shantiniketan(We could not sacrifice the fun for something as petty as rain). Some of us boys started running away from the market. We ran until we were out of breath. Our teachers were scared we might slip and fall but we kept running. By the time we returned to the parking area, we along with our teachers were drenched.


We assumed the trip had ended with the car ride back to hotel but we had a surprise waiting for us. A group of folk artists were invited to the hotel for our entertainment. Students were asked to share their feelings and experiences. Some of us sang songs while others clapped and sang along. We were tired but we chose to stay awake and talk to our heart’s content. Few students had fallen sick. It was wonderful to see how no one mocked them and instead, supported them and helped them enjoy as much as they could. With a heavy heart, we bade farewell to Bolpur station next morning. The excursion would never have been possible, if not for our school. We love and respect our school, principal, teachers and everyone else who is a part of the DPS North Kolkata family.


Akash Sarkar



Book making

We all know that books are our true friends and the best source of information. Our kindergarten children seem to be very enthusiastic about new and creative books. So this year, we decided to involve them to make their own books. Thus, the Nursery Teachers arranged for a Book Making programme on 23rd June 2017. We showed them how to make books. We gave different topics to different groups and asked them to draw on their own. After that, the teachers joined the pages in the right sequence, added a few words related to the pictures drawn, if necessary. A bit of decoration was done involving the students. The purpose of this activity was to develop and enhance the interest of students in reading books and also to bring out their creativity.

Nursery Teachers


Netaji House had performed an activity titled, “Puppet Fashion Show”. Respected Principal ma’am, Co-ordinator ma’am, teachers and our friends were present to attend the programme. Hence, we started the puppet show which was a much awaited one.

The first performance of the day was presented by the four unique playing card suits, the diamonds, the clubs, the hearts and the spades. The diamonds are the achievers, the clubs are the killers, the hearts are the socializers and the spades are the explorers.

The second performance was of the Rajasthani string puppets named, ‘Kathputlis’ and they ravished the stage on a Rajasthani folk song.

Next came Pinocchio who is a fictitious character and protagonist of a children’s novel. His role was played by a puppet here.

Last but not the least, came the team of ‘Goopi Gayen and Bagha Bayen’ to perform on the song, ‘Bhooter Raja dilo bor’.

The Puppet fashion show was a successful one because it was able to entice the whole audience towards it and carried us to a world of imagination and creativity. The whole of the audience appreciated the programme a lot.

By Ankita Dutta

Class IX, Sec – A. 

“Doll making” by Netaji house

In our school life, we get to participate in different kinds of events where each event has its own beauty and we also get to learn something out of it. There are also some events which captivates our heart, to stay with us forever. “Doll making” was one such event that took place in our school, DPSNK.


I participated in the Inter- house doll making competition on the 18th of July 2017 and I had really enjoyed it a lot. Nothing was planned for the making of doll beforehand at first. But the day before the competition, we decided that we will be making an Indian doll with a plastic bottle, a magazine, golden and silver lace, bindis and crepe bandages. I was accompanied by my friends Jiya and Aditiya. Our teacher gave us the idea as to how we will make the doll and wished us- “All the Best”.


Finally the time came and we all got ready for the competition. When the bell rang, we along with the other participants reached the place where the competition was to be held and sat in our respective places. At first there was much whispering going around but after 5-10 minutes there was pin drop silence that showed that everyone was busy in their work.


At first we took out all the necessary things and arranged it in a proper way. Then we started first by folding the magazine pages in a way to make the gown and decorate it with glitters and colourful laces to give it a look of a traditional gown. We made the head of the doll by cutting the upper portion of a plastic bottle and covered it with a crepe bandage. We decorated it with cotton, glitters, bindis and laces and finally we were successful in making a pretty Indian doll.


For me it was like going back to my childhood, when I used to be curious as to how things were made. Getting to do so in the competition really was an experience that I’ll never forget in my life ever!


Suchana Bhattacharjee



Shapes day

We see shapes everywhere in our surrounding. We celebrated Shapes day on 5th May 2017 in DPSNK, in Nursery classes. This was to develop and deepen the knowledge of different shapes among the children so they can able to relate the objects around them with respect to shapes. This activity was arranged by all Nursery Teachers. One of the School activity rooms was decorated and displayed with various shape- cut- outs and real objects with various geometric shapes. Games were conducted related to the shapes for the students simultaneously. Students recited rhymes based on shapes. Students brought objects and food related to specific shapes in their tiffin- boxes, so they could relate real objects with the shapes and spoke 2 to 3 lines about the shape of the food. It was a pleasant experience to hear from the little ones. Children enjoyed the activity a lot and had a lot of fun.

Nursery teachers

Together we read

We, the Bhagat House students of Delhi Public School North Kolkata, participated in a Together we read session which took place in our school on 27th day of July, 2017. I enjoyed the session very much. All the Bhagat House students of classes VII- IX were provided with books of their choice from the library. We all sat in silence and read the books and later on shared our ideas regarding the books we read with our friends. Many of us took up books on General Knowledge, Science discoveries and inventions and story books. This was a 60 minutes session. All the students were really thankful to the teachers for organizing such an amazing activity. In our daily lives, amongst the routine studies, we rarely get the time to read other books. But these 60 minutes of a ‘me-time’ which our teachers gave us was really beneficial for all of us.


Taniya Sarkar

       IX A



On 27th July we the Patel house members of DPS north Kolkata presented a puppet show before the students of class III.

Out teachers gave us the topics on which we had to showcase the puppets. Our main aim behind the show was to deliver joy to the juniors. This aim was fulfilled. Our presentation was based on the fairy tale Cinderella, the great epic Ramayana, subject- topic Early Humans and Bengali moral story Crocodile and the Monkey. We all got heart whelming response from our young friends. The programme’s aim or the success would not be achieved if there were no one like our teachers. During the rehearsal we had helped each other to make the puppets, to make the scripts and to read the story properly. We are all thankful to our Principal ma’am who keeps on giving us such type of opportunities to know ourselves better individually and help us by developing the creative part in us.




Boscotsav’17 -Passion for Precision

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.Our school DPS-NK believes in this proverb and hence creates several opportunities for us to showcase and develop our areas of interest.What else can be a better stage than that of an Inter-school Competition for showcasing our talents.

AyushShaw and myself, the Head Boy and Head Girl of the school, attended the first Representative meeting at the host school (DonBosco, Liluah) responsible for the Inter-school Competition, on the 5th of July,2017, accompanied and guided by our teacher Ms. Madhusree Das. We were welcomed and were given a brochure with detailed description of the competitions that were to be conducted.Following which, a doubt clearing session was held and some general instructions regarding the event was given. We were also allotted slot numbers for the final day, by a picking method. After the session we were all given food packets following which we left for our schools.

The very next day onwards began our preparation for the big day.With only two weeks of time in hand we began our rehearsals whole- heartedly.

However, we all felt that the final day arrived too soon.

On 22nd July,2017 all the participants assembled at the school campus by 7am.Excited and nervous,we all boarded the bus and began our trip. However, after entering the DBL campus all our nervousness disappeared and we bubbled with joy and enthusiasm.We were all welcomed there and after the registration,we were assigned a classroom each for keeping our props and other stuff.The events in which we decided to participate were, Unconventional Music, Bosco Orientalic (Eastern dance), Collage Making, Chess, Pictography and Street Play.

The main event began, following an Inauguration Ceremony where the symbol of “Boscotsav’17” was revealed, and lighting of lamp was conducted.

19 schools participated in all. DBL, had also organised for a help desk which cleared all qualms,if any and a Refreshment bar where students from different schools could meet and interact with each other.

Despite the rain, the event was a great success and well pulled through.

The day ended with a prize distribution ceremony where all the deserving winners were honoured. This hour of the day was an overwhelming one for all of us atDPS-NK as we bagged the First Prize in the game of Chess.

It was overall an amazing experience where not only did we get to showcase our talents but also learned several new things and came to know about our actual positions in a bigger sphere.We really cherish and love being a part of such an event as it also gives us the opportunity to make new friends and gather more knowledge.

Environment Dance

On 11th of August 2017, students of the Bhagat House of Delhi Public School North Kolkata, performed a dance drama based on the theme, “Environment”. The dance drama comprised of five songs. It portrayed a story, telling us the importance of our environment and how we humans are destroying it. The first dance performance was on the song “Dekho re noyon mele” where the humans are appreciating the beauty of nature. But then comes man’s greed where he cuts down the trees, which is portrayed through the song “Na kato mujhe dukhta hain”. As a result of the trees being cut, the natural phenomenon which occurs is drought shown through “Bistirno duparer oshyonkho manusher hahakar” song. Another disaster which results due to man’s actions is “Fire”. We portrayed the fire sequence through a music played by Bikram Ghosh. Then, man realises his mistake and craves for rainfall as his crops can’t grow properly. Nature finally gives us the rain through “Jhuti muti mitwa”. Finally our dance ended with the song ” Ekdin jhor theme jabe” where man promises to check his greed and conserve our nature. Students of different classes participated in this programme. A few props were made portraying trees. We all enjoyed practicing for and performing in the entire activity. I am thankful to my teachers for organising such a programme in school.



Shreyosi Dutta


Bhagat House

Inter- House Quiz Competition

The DPS houses buzzed with activities. An inter house quiz competition was announced for students of V, VI and VII. I was very much excited to be one of the conductors. This competition was held on 7th July, 2017 in the 6th period. Most importantly our audience was students of Class VIII. The participants along with the audience gathered in room no. 5/1. Riona and I started the programme with a beautiful speech followed by a briefing of the rules and regulations of the Quiz Contest. There were 5 rounds. Each participant was excited and nervous at the same time for the competition. The names of the rounds were as follows:

Round 1 – Based on History and Mythology

Round 2 – Based on Personality

Round 3 – Visual round based on Entertainment

Round 4 – Based on Sports

Round 5 – Based on Science

The various rounds in the quiz helped the participants to showcase their depth of knowledge and intelligence on various topics. First of all, a toss was made according to which Gandhi house to answer first, followed by Bhagat House, then Patel House and finally Netaji House.

The audience cheered their respective houses with full energy and enthusiasm.  Gandhi House won the day; followed by Netaji House. Bhagat house and Patel House got the third and fourth positions respectively. On the whole, we loved the programme and enjoyed it a lot.


By Soham Roy Choudhury


Lemonade day

Lemons are one of the best fruits to be taken during summers. The juice of lemon or even lime is ideal in helping recover from the hot sun and hydrates us well. The juice not only re-hydrates our body, but also supplies essential vitamins and minerals that are easily lost when exposed to heat wave. To escalate this certainty among the children we celebrated Lemonade day on 19th of June 2017 which was organized by the nursery teachers. Our biggest concern was the prospect to encourage to children to apply the knowledge of going with the natural resources. Students became aware of the fact healthy food for good health. Consequently, they prepared Lemon juice. They added lemon juice, sugar and salt in the water, stirred it well and made the juice ready to drink. They served it to their friends & enjoyed the drink and were very happy.


Nursery teachers

Caterpillar Making

The experience of working with clay is for sensory development, motor skills, discipline and pride. It helps to settle and calm children and retain their attention. Thus similar activity was introduced to children of pre-nursery to enhance their motor skill. At first a colour was mixed with flour. Dough was prepared. Children made four to five balls with that dough. They put the balls together. Then teacher made eyes and mouth on it. Put straw to make antennae and kept it on the leaf. Thus a beautiful caterpillar was made by the children.

Pre- Nursery Teachers

Inter- house No Fire- cooking Competition

An exciting No-fire cooking Competition was held in our school, Delhi Public School North Kolkata. All the four houses, Bhagat house, Patel house, Gandhi house and Netaji house participated in it with great zeal and fervor. We were three to four participants from each house who donned the Chef’s hat and gloves and exhibited our culinary skills to the best of our abilities. The different houses made different gorgeous and mouth-watering dishes, like, Sandwiches, Ruskin Bond (an interesting snack with Kurkure), Chicken Achaari, Paneer Screwers and so on. The event took place in our school canteen. We were judged by our Principal Ma’am. Though she appreciated the efforts of all the houses, Netaji house won the day with their Sandwich.

Sohini Dutta

Gandhi House

Family day

The family day was celebrated on the 28th of July 2017 by the Nursery students of DPSNK. Family Day gave the students a chance to understand the meaning of being in a family and why and how a member of the family talks or behaves in the way he/she does. We celebrated family day in school to inculcate the bond of love and care among the students with their family. Students had been asked to be dressed up in the attire of their favourite family members and say 2 or 3 lines as that member of the house. It was indeed a delight to hear the tiny ones speak as elders. Children were very enthusiastic and they enjoyed the event. The event was a good platform to generate the emotional and social skill among the children so they can value family unity, bonding and concern for one another.

Nursery Teachers


On 11th May Thursday our school, DPSNK, arranged for a special teaching learning session that was organised by Oxford University Press in the school premises. Selected students of class VII participated in this audio visual role play. Along with many of friends I also participated in this session. Our history teacher first told us about this role play shooting and then guided us all along. People from Oxford University came and showed us how to do the role play. It was a role play on Akbar and his Ibadat khana and how he used to implement his policies. We were given scripts beforehand and we had to learn it. We rehearsed many a times in the class. Then, finally on 11th May we performed that in front of the camera. It was like a real shooting. I was amazed and happy as it was the first time I acted in front of camera. We had enjoyed it very much. After doing this role play we learned how Akbar abolished Jazia (tax on the non- Muslims) and how he allowed all religions in his Ibadat khana to discuss about religious matters. Akbar’s liberal mind amazed us and we came to know more about Akbar the Great.

Swattik Nag


Visit to the BSF Ground

The Community Service Week started on 11th of September in DPS North Kolkata. Some students of the Bhagat house of DPS North Kolkata were taken to the army camp in Dunlop. The students were guided through the entire area by Major Gurgesh who spoke of serving in the army, his personal experiences and many other interesting topics. Questions, which were asked by the students, were efficiently answered by him.

On seeing the different models of boats, Utsav Das asked ‘’ Sir, why are these boats mainly used and how many types of boats are there?” Major Gurgesh replied,” Our department is of IWT or the Inland Water Transport. Our operations mainly deal with transporting troops, armed vehicles etc from one bank of the Ganga to the other. There are several kinds of boats. The one in use right now is RML. The ACV is a future concept model where the boat will be propelled by fan like rotating blades.”

Later, we were seated in a room and were allowed to ask questions.

Sourav Shaw asked “Every occupation we take on serves the nation in one way or the other. How does the army stand out in this field?”

The answer came “Serving in the army doesn’t necessarily mean staying at the borders and fighting off terrorists. In every extreme case where the CRPF or the state police fail to contain the situation, the army is called upon. As most of you must know, the operation “Raahat” in Uttarakhand was the greatest rescue operation ever carried out. Recently, in Haryana when riots broke out, only the army was able to contain the situation.”


Shilpa Poddar asked “There is a common belief that the Indian army consists of more men. Is there any scope for women empowerment?”

The Major replied “It cannot be denied that we receive fewer ladies as recruits. Most of this is due to social disbeliefs that are pre-existent in our country. However in the army, no discrimination takes place. In the academy where I was trained, the training which we went through, the lady trainees went through the same because when the enemy is going to shoot, he won’t discriminate between woman and man. It is our duty to make every citizen strong enough to take on the several duties we need them to do.”


The last question was asked by Sohini Mitra. She asked “What is the kind of training that the recruits go through before they are sent on duty?”

He replied, “The training which recruits go through is tough. It not only works on enhancing the physical capabilities of a person but also creates a sense of fraternity among soldiers. During the training sessions, we weren’t given the time to think. We had to be prompt. Whatever the Sergeant said, we had to do it by hook or by crook. We couldn’t question the commands even if they seemed irrational times. The training, thus strengthens our mind too.”


The Major then escorted us to one of the cargo boats where he told us about how the boat works. Delicious food was arranged for us. We ate while enjoying the scenery of the Ganges from the boat. One of the jawans demonstrated water skiing while we ate the food. We learned a lot. On the bus ride back to school, some of us even expressed our interests in joining the army.


Akash Sarkar



      I, Subhayan Kundu, a student of Delhi Public School North Kolkata, ( Class – X), along with Srijit Paul (Class – X), Arpan Das (Class – VIII) and Oishik Kundu (Class – IV) had participated in the Inter CBSC Chess Tournament 2017, organized by the Royal Global School, Guwahati.


The Chess Tournament commenced from 7th September 2017 and ended on 9th September 2017. The tournament was concluded in four rounds matches and our School won all the four rounds. Besides our School few other schools participated in that tournament and among them the important schools are Maria’s Public School, Assam; Delhi Public School, Guwahati and other branches; South Point High School, Kolkata; DAV Public School, Assam etc. Our School was the champion in that tournament out of eight teams in total.


Our participation in that tournament was sponsored by the School Authority. We reached there in Assam by flight from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport to play the tournament and we were accompanied by our chess Teacher Mr. Arindam Das. The weather in Assam at that time was very pleasant. The overall ambience of the tournament venue was very nice and compatible to conduct an inter-state tournament. After completion of the Prize Distribution Ceremony of that glorious tournament we started for our home on 9th September evening by Air. Our parents received us at the Airport in Kolkata. We couldn’t help cheering for ourselves – THREE CHEERS FOR DPSNK, HIP HIP HURRAY!!!



Subhayan Kundu


Peace to the World – Cranes for Japan from Delhi Public School North Kolkata

There can be no peace in the world unless we are at peace withinourselves; Let us all aim for the inner peace at first –  was the message which was sent to Hiroshima, Japan by the students of class VI to X of Delhi Public School,  North Kolkata through the medium of origami. Colourful Paper cranes were made as a tribute to the brave girl Sadako who fought for her life against blood cancer for nine long years. When Sadako was treated in a hospital she made paper cranes which she believed would be a way to cure her. She lived in this belief for nine long years and at last died. The children’s monument in front of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is a monument for peace to commemorate Sadako Sasaki and the thousands of child victims of the atomic bombing on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945.

We were moved to tears to know how fateful was the atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and how the Japanese suffered for those two bombs, for generations. Our fervor and zeal knew no bounds when our teachers told us that this was the time to show the world our concern for humanity and peace all over the world. The cranes were a symbol of peace for the Japanese. We made the paper cranes with love and tenderness, hopes and sense of brotherhood. Our paper cranes were received with love and thanks by the Peace Memorial Foundation, Hiroshima, Japan. We pray for peace all over the world, now and always.

The following is the response we got from the Peace Division, Hiroshima on mail.

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for sending the paper cranes with the desire for peace.  We received them and offered them to the Children’s Peace Monument.

To avoid a repetition of the tragedy that befell many victims who died of the Atomic bombing, we are working to build a peaceful world without nuclear weapons.  This will be accomplished not only by our effort, but also by support and cooperation from all over the world.  In line with this, we appreciate your action and desire for peace.

I ask that you continue to keep in your heart Hiroshima’s experience and your hopes for peace.

I close with best wishes for your good health and every success in your activities.

Sincerely yours,


Masanobu Murakami(Mr.)

Peace Promotion Division

International Peace Promotion Department The City of Hiroshima

[Contact Office]

Peace Promotion Division

1-5 Nakajimacho, Nakaku, Hiroshima

730-0811 Japan

Tel: +81-82-242-7831/ Fax: +81-82-242-7452



We are extremely glad to be a part of this endeavor.


Students of IX and X


We the students of class VIII were very happy as we visited the “BARANAGAR STATE GENERAL HOSPITAL” on 14/09/2017(Thursday). There we received a lot of information on different subjects from the Superintendent- “JAYOBRATI CHATTERJEE” and the Nursing Superintendent- “SUTAPA GHOSH DASTIDAR”. The hospital had two sections-

I. “PREVENTIVE SECTION”- “IMMUNIZATION and VACCINATION” are given in this section to prevent different diseases like- ‘POLIO’ and ‘SMALL POX’. Pregnant women are also taken care of in this section. The foetus in the mother’s womb is also injected with different vaccines from time to time to ensure its health and growth.

II. “CURATIVE SECTION”- The people affected with different diseases are treated and cured in this section. The minor illness is cured with ‘Medicines’ whereas the major illness is operated by qualified doctors.

The hospital has a number of useful facilities like MEDICAL TREATMENT for diseases like DIARRHOEA, PNEUMONIA, DENGUE, MALARIA etc. The hospital also has a Surgical Ward in which operations of THROAT, EYES and GALL BLADDER are performed. Unfortunately, the hospital has no ORTHOPAEDIC or CANCER sections.

We also came to know about many other things including expired medicines, injections can be TOXIC. So, it is advised by doctors to check the date in the LABEL PANEL before taking any medicine or injections. A person who takes expired medicines and injections can FAINT, suffer through HIGH FEVER and can develop RASHES on their body.

The hospital has a 24 HOUR OPEN MEDICINE SHOP which approves 65.5% discount on the Maximum Retail Price [MRP]. The hospital also has a 24-HOUR SERVICE AMBULANCE certified by the government of WEST BENGAL.

The superintendent of the hospital- “Smt. JAYOBRATI CHATTERJEE” warned us about the fraud news spread by MEDIA regarding the carelessness of the doctors and nurses. She explained us that all the doctors and nurses in the world give their 100% to cure a patient rather than running after money.

We are thankful to our school which conducted this excursion for us so smoothly and helped us to gather so much information which helped us to know more about ‘MEDICAL SCIENCE’.

Upatishra Kumar Chandra



“Yuvakarshan”- the Youth Conference, a fest organized by DPS Newtown on 16th October 2017, held a workshop on ‘Potochitro’  an age old art form of India. In the said workshop,I represented my school DPS, North Kolkata under the guidance of Nabanita ma’am. We met at DPS Newtown, Gate no. 2 and registered ourselves by 9:20 am and were given our Identity cards and food coupons. The volunteers were assisting the participants to sit in the auditorium for the opening ceremony. Around 25 schools participated in the ’Yuvakarshan’. All were eagerly waiting with great enthusiasm for the programmes to begin. Madam Sonali Sen, The Principal, DPS Newtown School inaugurated the programme with other eminent guests of Honour. After a lovely and brief breakfast we reported to our venue which was the Western Music Room on the second floor of the school. We were offered comfortable sitting and were given our paper, paints and paintbrushes. The two professionals who came there gave us our topic for drawing. It was a married Brahman lady. The workshop started at 10:35am and lasted till 1:30pm. In the workshop we were introduced to the subject form of art. We were showed some of the ‘potochitro’ paintings made by using natural colours extracted from fruits and vegetables The process of making the the colour extracts usable by thickening it like real paint was also described to us . I realized that it really requires patience and dedication. It was amazing to know that the art is practised by everyone in the artisan’s family. We were given to try our hands on the ‘potochitro’ style. I enjoyed drawing the sketch in its own unique relaxed patterns that when painted finally comes out as a method of storytelling. On completing we submitted our paintings and I was feeling very happy to get the scope of being introduced to the unique art style of rural Bengal. Then we left for the cafeteria to have our lunch. The added fun of the workshop was to make new friends while learning new things. For me it was time well spent. I will treasure this memory forever in the deepest core of my heart and I would cherish this memory whenever I make ‘potochitro’.

Sambodhi Ghosh

Class VII C



On 10th August we had a seminar based on pollution in which some of us the students of Patel house had to discuss about pollution and the related topics by preparing a power point ourselves, we realised that it is not only the job of presenting a good discussion before the audience that was the students of class IX but also benefiting ourselves by understanding and being knowledgeable to the concept of pollution. Our teachers helped us by suggesting points for the discussion to make the seminar an interactive one with our fellow mates. During the programme we the participants and the audience interacted with each other. They too shared with us some of the informative facts about pollution control. Each of us got a different aspect of the topic to speak on. We found everyone in the audience were interested about the seminar. We feel wordless in showing our gratitude towards our teachers and for giving us the opportunity to display our learning and talent.





On the 16th of August 2017we had an Inter- house Dress As a Patriot competition. The selected students from each house dressed themselves like patriots.

For example like Bhagat singh,  Rani laxmi bai, Begam Hazrat Mahal, Lal Bahadur Sastri, Jatin Das, Preetilata Waddedar, Laxmi Sehgal, Chandrasekhar Azad, Khudiram Bose and so on.

They spoke with full vigour and zeal. They presented the images of the great personalities who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the nation. It seemed to be a matter of appreciation to me. I was thrilled to see so many friends of mine dressed as patriots and speaking like them. It was as if i was transported to the time when India was a colony of the British.

Everyone performed very well. However, as  it was a competition so any one had to win. Our Principal Ma’am was the judge of the show , she gave the judgement on the basis of dress, confidence and dialogue. In this judgement Patel house stood first who portrayed the images of Chandra Sekhar Azad, Laxmi Sehgal, Jatin das and Preetilata Waddedar followed by Netaji house then Gandhi house and then Bhagat house.

As a host of the show really I am thankful to my teachers who gave us this opportunity to present the images of the great personalities.

Riona Saha



On 31st October 2017, Delhi Public School, North Kolkata held an Inter House Debate Competition for the classes of VIII and IX in the 5/1 Room. The audience in this occasion were the students of class VII and the teachers of the four different houses that took part in it, viz. Bhagat, Patel, Gandhi and Netaji house. The debate discussion was held on the topic ‘Reservation for Women’. A student of Patel House was asked to host this occasion. Four of the houses were seated in separate benches, side-by-side, and were asked to speak either ‘for the motion’ or ‘against the motion’. Each house was represented by four of its students, among which two students spoke ‘for’ and two students spoke ‘against’ the motion. Each student was given three minutes to state their views and a teacher present in the room was asked to keep record of the time. The students speaking ‘for the motion’ stated points like- in the past, women were deprived of their rights. So, now they should get equal representation as men. But, the students speaking ‘against the motion’ countered them by saying- seats aren’t reserved for the male domination and if we are talking about equality, then why reservation? Aren’t the women capable themselves to earn themselves a seat?

Our honourable Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Manjir Ghosh and our co-ordinator ma’am were the judges and they judged the houses on the basis of their presentation, content and fluency. At the end of this competition, with a total score of forty one out of fifty, Gandhi house won the competition along with Bhagat house securing the second position in the competition with thirty seven marks.

This debate competition showcased what the students of our school are capable of as speakers. This also showcased the capabilities of the students to fight to state their opinions by referring to the right points.

–          AAHELI BARMAN

–          CLASS IX- D



We had an Inter-House Kabaddi Championship Match for boys and girls on the 26th of October 2017 in our school playground. The four houses made four teams for boys with seven players in each team and three substitutes. All the matches were knock-out matches. The Bhagat house boys and Netaji house boys played first from boys’ teams. It was a one-sided match and almost everyone knew that Bhagat House would win. Finally, Bhagat House won with a huge score. Next Patel House and Gandhi House came down to the field. Both teams were tensed from the beginning and a very tough struggle ensued. The spectators were cheering loud and the excitement rose to its height. Gandhi House was able to win by 2 points.

Then, it was time for the finals between Bhagat House and Gandhi House. The spectators were divided clearly into 2 groups. One was cheering for Bhagat House and the other went hoarse with shouting for Gandhi House. The game was on and the whole field resounded with howls, cheers and claps. After a tensed and exciting match Gandhi House won the day. The players of both teams shook hands with one another. The supporters of our house cheered lifted us and hugged us. This gave us a great feeling. I will never forget this day in life. It was really the best day for me this year.






The Inter- House Kabbadi Match for girls took place in our school premises on the 26th of October 2017. It was the first Kabaddi match to be held on the grounds of Delhi Public School North Kolkata. It was a very exciting match and all the students who were present there as the viewers kept on cheering for their respective houses till the end. After two matches between Netaji, Patel, Bhagat and Gandhi houses, Bhagat house and Gandhi house went to play the final. Girls of both houses played efficiently but the Bhagat house girls were lucky to win the final match. In case of Gandhi house Boys had won the day.

This was an exciting victory for me as I played whole-heartedly and was cheered by our house supporters. This day will remain as a memorable day in my life. I thank the school authorities and sport teachers to give me the opportunity to play for my House.


Srijita Ray


Bhagat House

Cooking is fun

On Friday 10th of Nov classes VI and VII had a cooking activity. Avantika Gupta, Triasha Mishra, Tanisha Gupta of VII D and Hansika Banik of VII E were involved in it. We contributed to this activity whole-heartedly. All of us enjoyed cooking a lot that day. Class VI students made “Malai Bahar” and Class VII students made “Fruit N Custard”. Both the dishes were quite tasty. We got our recipes from the YouTube and then discussed with our teachers about the variations we can make. Our Bhagat house teachers guided us in following the recipes. Both the teams worked spiritedly and enthusiastically. Our teamwork was appreciated by all. However, Principal ma’am and Trustee sir declared the “Fruit N Custard” to be the winner. Our joys knew no bounds at this declaration.

Avantika Gupta


Bhagat House

“Poem Writing Session by Gandhi House”

In School, we have many opportunities to participate in various kinds of activities which help us to show our talent to the outer world and learn something from the activities. “Poem Writing” was one such event which took place in our school DPS North Kolkata, recently.
On 10th November, 2017 we the students of Gandhi House, had a Poem Writing Session on the theme of “Food”. I was looking forward to the competition.  I was very excited to be one of the participants in the session. The selected students were asked to write poems on food theme in their own words in any of the languages- English, Hindi or Bengali. At the starting of the session, I felt a bit nervous because I had never written a poem in my own words in school before but later I managed to write good poem in my own words on Food in English.

It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our poetic talent and our writing talent because many people have the poem writing ability but don’t get the opportunity to showcase their talent. I am very thankful to our school teachers, who gave us this opportunity.  It was a great session and all the participants wrote poems in different languages. It was good for us because through this poetry writing, we were able to gain a command of knowledge, cultivate a strong vocabulary, and learn to write in imagery. Poetry fosters emotional expression, through self expression and exploration of one’s feelings.  It also improves our creativity and critical thinking, and our language of expression. After writing the poems, we gave our poems to our teacher who was the in charge of the session.

For me, it was a great opportunity and I grabbed it and I felt very good showcasing my own poetic talent and because I have never got any such opportunity in my previous school I felt very happy and contented after the session, managing a very good poem. I am very thankful to my school- DPS North Kolkata to explore our talent in writing poems and I would like to get more such opportunities in the future so that I could grab them with both hands!

Here’s a poem by Vinamra Roy Chowdhuryof Class IX D:

Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats,

We must have everything, nor this nor that

For a growing body, proteins are necessary

As winning is for sports! Make merry!

Healthy bodies are receptive to vitamins

A B D or K

Hope to have a longer life? They have the way

Teenagers are overactive,

Minds travelling fast, they quickly perceive;

Carbohydrates are their only ally;

Bread and starch add to their glory!

‘Cause this is what we make of our bodies ever after,

Intelligence high, brain works like a crafter;

Food is our biggest resource, along with water

It blesses us with life and health ever after.




A Cooking workshop was held in our school on 7th of November 2017. The workshop was for the Patel house students; as we do like cooking we participated in the workshop. Four of us participated in this snacks preparation namely;



7 E

We had prepared a snack, a juice and a desert.

The workshop started in the second half of the day and we were given two periods to complete our work.

We made a chicken cheese sandwich for the snack; lemonade for the juice and for the desert we madetriple layered chocolate. We garnished the items as well.

After preparing the food, I went to Principal Madam’s room to show her our work. While going I was very nervous and excited as well. She amply appreciated our efforts.

The workshop was really exciting and we enjoyed a lot. We thank our school for giving us the opportunity to learn valuable things in a play way.


Rishita Sengupta 7 E

A Visit to a Village


In my academic experience so far, I would describe myself as a reader, writer and learner all with different variations but never have I got such an experience of field learning before. First, I would like to thank my respected Principal madam and teachers who included me in this program. It was a long journey to DUCHNIKHALI but it was worth it. Before telling my experience to all I would like to tell that we all have travelled both in land and water to reach our destination. I was excited and amazed after knowing that in such a remote place and quiet underdeveloped and local people and village farmers gathered and had a training centre for farmers But it was not only a training centre it is an organisation known as “AMAR KHAMAR” where some trainers train the villagers how to use their land by cultivating crops like rice, vegetables, fruits e.t.c. They also teach them fishing .Then the farmers are taught how to make profit by selling it in the market. The best thing I found in them was that they teach the farmers to make Bio-fertiliser on their own by making a layer of dry leaves and cover with cow dung for next 21 days. After wards the cultivated rice is sold online. When we visited the home of the villagers I saw men and women were really working hard to grow crops. The farmers showed us a type of ginger which was so aromatic and fresh. They showed us different types of rice, wheat, vegetables e.t.c. Even they showed us the way how they do the husking process by using machine and by using see-saw. Then I realised they are contributing so much to make us healthy by providing us organic food. They never use chemical fertilisers. In the noon they provided lunch to us and served three types of rice 1 Kamini 2 Rupsal 3 Khajurjhori. It was really delicious. I am really thankful to my school to give us this opportunity to visit a village to see the real face of rural Bengal.



The Joy of Writing

The Joy of Writing

I have been reading the newspaper “The Telegraph” along with its supplement “T2” for the last two years. Generally, I used to read the comments and views of the people that came out in the feedback column on the various topics printed in the newspaper. This ignited the desire in me to write about the diverse topics illustrated in T2 and send the same to the newspaper agency. From my childhood I had a keen interest in cricket. Therefore, I decided to write whenever any view was expressed or question was asked about cricket. I wrote and sent for the first time and waited with baited breath for the outcome. Fortunately my maiden attempt brought me a satisfying result. My write-up was published in the T2. The fact that my words were printed in the newspaper, took some time to sink in. I was overjoyed. I made a few more attempts but it was only after a long span that my article was again published for the second time. It was really a proud moment for me to see that my writings along with my name got published twice. I would continue to strive to write more and seek a place in the feedback column of newspapers.

By – Asmita Pramanick, VIII-D



The competitive encounter of clay modelling was organized by THE ZOOLOGICAL PARK, ALIPORE on 15th November, with a fairly large number of interested participants, and, the event was a tremendous success. The event was organized as a shift in the norm, and as an inviting means to stroke the creative talents of the students. From our school, Delhi Public School North Kolkata, TOMOGHNA MAJUMDER, DEBAGHNIK DEY, SAMPRITI PAL and I were lucky enough to be chosen. The turn up and the enthusiasm was notwithstanding the fact that a large number of participants had little if any experience of subtle and skillful art of clay modelling. The participants in the competition worked patiently and laboriously for a stipulated duration .The venue was a feast for the eyes with the lush green fields and trees all around. There were displayed some awe – inspiring pieces of clay all around the area based on the theme -” BEAR AND TURTLE “.

Since it was the first attempt for many of the students, some clay artists were present to guide. At the end of the competition, the outcome was a fascinating collection of beautiful and thought provoking creations in clay. The judges patiently surveyed the diverse set of artworks and were extremely impressed by the amount of effort and skill displayed by the teenagers. The most exciting was the level of interaction we all had, the enthusiastic exchange of ideas and friendly banter around us, which all added to the spirit of celebration.

I was AWARDED THE SECOND PLACE IN THE COMPETITION and my joy knew no bounds at this. I was awarded with a check of Rs 3,000, a certificate for merit and another for participation. It was a great learning opportunity for budding artists in an unexplored domain.

Bristi Saha


Honourable Governor of West Bengal Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi inaugurates Library and launches the School Magazine in DPS North Kolkata

Honourable Governor of West Bengal Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi inaugurates Library and launches the School Magazine in DPS North Kolkata

On the 13th of December, 2017, I got an opportunity to witness the august presence of our Honourable Governor, His Excellency, Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, in our school, DPSNK. It was indeed very kind of him to accept our invitation to inaugurate our school library and release our first ever published school magazine. I was one of the privileged students who were a part of this event along with their parents. Our Governor himself is an extremely educated dignitary and he gave us a brief but inspiring speech about the value of knowledge, books and reading. I was present when our respected Governor inaugurated our school library which has an impressive collection of almost 10,000 books. It was indeed a very proud moment for all of us and I wholeheartedly thank my school for allowing me to be a part of this remarkable event. The press had covered the whole programme and we were all delighted to see the news in The Times of India.

Aaratrika Banerjee


Roll No.- 1





Once I went to a new school,

On the day that was so cool.

Because of the fog I couldn’t see the sun,

But I hoped that in the school I’ll have some fun.

The teachers to me were good and well,

But suddenly rung the break time bell.

Everybody was in a jolly mood

And they opened their lunch box full of food.

Next we started to play,

In the art class with a piece of clay

The last bell rung

And the final assembly prayer was sung.

Then we jumped onto the school bus,

And went home making a lot of fuss.

This is how I enjoyed the day,

It is none other than DPSNK.





Once I met the Aliens in the Mars,

They were going to mall by cars.

I wanted to talk but how could I?

So I used the body language and said ‘Hi!’

They became my friend, I became theirs.

How fun, so many games, and so merry time I spent,

But suddenly I woke up from sleep

And do you think it was only a dream?!!




Learning the essence of CHRISTMAS

On the 22nd of December (Friday) the Pre-primary children of Delhi public School North Kolkata celebrated Christmas in school. On this occasion all the teachers decorated their classrooms with Christmas trees, stockings, glittering stars, balloons, bells, sticks and colourful papers. All the children came to school in colourful attire; some dressed up as ‘Santa Claus’ others as fairies. All of them were looking very graceful and beautiful just like ‘butterflies in the garden of DPSNK’. One student of class IX (dressed up as Santa Claus) gave a big surprise to the children by visiting them and showering them with gifts. The children enjoyed every moment and enthusiastically celebrated Christmas by singing and dancing to the tune of “Jingle Bells Jingle Bells……”

Pre-primary teachers

Music makes my way

Music makes my way

Hello everyone! I am Priyanshu Biswas of Class III C in DPS north Kolkata. I am feeling fantastic as I have won the Inter- School CCA Synthesizer Competition in December 2017.

Seema Ma’am of our school came to me to know about my success. She was eager to know everything about the competition. I was also happy to share my experience with her.

Ma’am: Which competition did you participate in?

Me: I participated in the Inter- School CCA Synthesizer Competition.

Ma’am: Where was the competition held?

Me: It was held in Future Foundation School, Kolkata.

Ma’am: What music did you play?

Me: I played the tune of the Rabindrasangeet “Jagarone jai bibhabori”.

Ma’am: How did the other participants perform?

Me: All the participants performed skillfully. Some were afraid and instead of looking at the notebook they kept looking at the judges.

Ma’am: What did the judges say about your performance?

Me: The judges said that my key balance and chord pressure were quite good.

Ma’am: And then you won the first prize!

Me: Yes, ma’am. It was a hearty moment for me. I felt really very happy. Though I was a bit frightened in the beginning I performed to the best of my ability and here I am with the first prize. I thanked God, my parents and my music teacher for my success.

Ma’am was very happy to hear my experience and congratulated me. My friends also cheered for me.

Priyanshu Biswas


Tribal mask- making

It was the 8th of December and I was selected for a Tribal Mask making competition which was an event in Rhapsody, 2017 at the Salt Lake CA School. I was excited as well as highly strung for the competition.

We started from our school at around 8:30am, and reached the Salt Lake School at around 9:15am, accompanied by two of our teachers. The Salt Lake School was beautifully decorated. The sitting arrangement was made in the school ground facing the stage. Many other schools had also come to take part in the events. The inauguration ceremony was held, after which one by one the events took place.

I waited for my turn enthusiastically. Then the announcement was made for the Mask making event, I moved to the allotted area where the event was to be held. It was about 2:30pm, I was very nervous, when the staff members told to start with our work… I took a deep breath and started. The event started at about 2:35pm; we only had an hour to complete our work. It was 3:35p.m. and the time was up, and I was happy that I could complete the mask on time. I made a mask inspired by the tribal masks of Indonesia. Then we were told to display the masks and step back. There were many other students from different schools who made very spectacular and innovative masks. Then the judge inspected our masks and also asked us to say a few lines about it. Then the results were finally declared. Just as the judge said that she had decided to give the first position to Alakananda Banerjee of Delhi Public School North Kolkata”. I was astonished for a moment…I was very happy. The judge appreciated my mask and awarded me with the winner’s trophy, the gold medal and the certificate. It was really a proud moment for me, everyone present there congratulated me and appreciated my mask. For this all the credit goes to Mr. Tamal Bhattacharya, I had done a mask making workshop with him in my summer vacations at Nehru Children’s museum and learnt the art of making 3d masks. Also a big thanks to my grandpa who motivated me to do those summer workshops and also I had practised hard for this competition. My family members and my teachers were very happy after hearing this news.

We returned to school at around 6:00pm. We were also provided with food packets. It was really a very nice experience at the Salt Lake CA School.

Alakananda Banerjee


Experience of Indian Schools Debating Society

On 18th November, two of my friends, Anuraag Chowdhury, Sreeja Ray and myself went to a debating competition, namely” Indian Schools Debating Society”. It continued for three days. On the first day, that is, on 18th November, there was a workshop for all the debaters who took part in the competition and on the second day, the competition took place. On the third day, there was another workshop for top speakers.

So, on 19th November, we attended the workshop. Our English teacher had also arrived there. It took place in the school, in Salt Lake, named Kanoria Gangabux Bhavan’s Vidyamandir. An ex-debater, who represented Team India in the “World Schools Debating Championship”, taught us about the rules and regulations about this debate competition and it was so different from those which we had in schools. We asked several questions to him and clarified our doubts. It was a whole new experience for us. We got to interact with other students coming from different schools coming around Kolkata. These included Apeejay Salt Lake, Apeejay Park Street, Kendriya Vidyalaya Ballyganj, St. James, Army Public School and many more. We got to know about them and also learnt from them several things. The host school also provided with a food packet every day. Then after a discussion, we did a bit of debate practice with other schools to enhance our skills. We also got to know about our topics and motion and also about our opposition school.

On the next day, that is, on 19nd November, the competition took place. We all were prepared with our topics and so were the other participants. We also were quite tensed. I had a talk with the head girl of the host school. She encouraged me and wished me good luck. We arrived at the school and discussed about the topics within ourselves. Our English teacher also helped a quite lot in this. Then, we had our competition. In the first round, our topic was “This house would institute quotas for women in national parliaments” and our team was in proposition. There were two judges and every participant has to speak for five minutes. We tried our level best. Then came the second round and the topic was “This house believes that developing countries should place limits on rural to urban migration”. We were in opposition. The second round was much better as compared to the first one. We got to know more about this debate and learned from our mistakes from the first round. We were quite satisfied with our performance in the second round. The topic given to us for the third round was “This house would forcibly remove obese children from the custody of their parents and place them in fat camps.” We discussed within ourselves about the topic and started our preparation. It was a different feeling for us as we had never done this kind of debating before. The third round was mainly based on cooperation, teamwork and knowledge. It gave us a new sense of debating. Then after our preparation time was over, which consisted of one hour, the third round began. This round was better than the second one. With each round we got better. Then after the third round the competition came to an end. We were told that the results would be intimated through email. From this competition, we learnt a great deal about the actual debating procedure. We learnt about new ways and got new experiences. This competition also inculcated the values of teamwork and cooperation and more importantly it enhanced our knowledge in various topics. I consider myself to be very lucky to have been able to participate in such a debating tournament.



Treasure Hunt

On 2nd October 2017, a lot of students of classes VII and VIII went to 5/1 for a treasure hunt on books. There were 10 groups in all A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J respectively. I was in group ‘E’. Our group consisted of the following students: -Ahana Das (VII-D), Ayanjyoti Roy(VII-D), Brishti Saha (VII-D), Rahul Konar (VII-C) and myself, Sambodhi Ghosh(VII-C). There were 3 rounds in the Treasure Haunt. In the first round we were given to guess the book from the given clues. The marking scheme was such that, 5 points for using just the firstclue, 3 points for using both first and second clues, and 2 points for using all the three clues.Groups A, G and I were eliminated in the first round. We, the Group ‘E’, scored 8 points for our group in the first round. It was divided in two rounds, 1st quarter of round 1 got my group 3 points and 5 points for the 2ndquarter. The second round was to guess the author. We scored 10 points. In the 1st quarter of round 2 we scored 5 points and in the 2nd quarter of the 2nd round we scored 5 points. The third round was to guess the characters. We got 15 points in all. We were supposed to answer questions randomly. The more we answered the more points we gained. We answered 15 questions out of 20 questions. Our team won the game. We won it scoring 33 points in total. Photograph of our group was taken and after a few days we got our certificates. We enjoyed the activity a lot as it was a totally new thing for us and were indeed overwhelmed to achieve the position.

Sambodhi Ghosh


CCA Tournament – Karate

Three of us Roumick, Sayan and Mayank, of DPS North Kolkata, went for the Inter- School CCA Tournament for Karate. We reached the school campus at 7:15 a. m. Our Karate teacher, Ayan Sir, took us to the venue, Future Foundation School, Tallyganj, in our school bus. We reached there at 8:54a.m. and registered our names. We then went inside and put on our Karate uniform. We were led to the school auditorium for the opening ceremony. After that we went to the competition area. At first the Kata competition was held. When Sayan’s turn came he was quite nervous but he performed very well and won the first round. He won the second round too but could not make it in the third round.

After the Kate fight, the Kumite fight began. Mayank performed in the Kumite fight. He too was quite nervous. In the first round he fought with a white belt opponent. The round was quite interesting as both the players were using the same technique, but, at last Mayank gave a head kick and won the round. The second round was a very exciting one as his opponent was using more powerful techniques, but, Mayank blocked each one and gained points. Mayank won the second round gracefully. However, he too lost the third round.

It’s always a great pleasure for us to represent our school, DPS North Kolkata in various inter- school competitions. Although it was the first opportunity for us all Roumick Saha of VII C made it to the first position, winning a gold medal for his school. Joy knew no bounds when we won the gold at last.

From this competition we learned that discipline and active participation are the keys to success in any field.

Mayank Rai VI B

Sayan Malik VI B

Roumick saha VII C

Inter School Chess Team Championship 2017

This is the fourth time I won a team and individual Inter School Chess Championship. I am feeling very good about it. Earlier in 2016 I have been to Assam and Ranchi to play for my school, Delhi Public School North Kolkata. This time, December 2017, I went to Future Foundation School in Kolkata. Here my companion was Arpan Das, a student of Class VIII. Both of us won the first prize in this tournament. We had to play 5 rounds of the game. In the first and final rounds our opponents were quite good players and put up a tough resistance. However, we won all the rounds. Our Chess teacher could not accompany us that day for some reason. We had been to the venue with another teacher. However, Sir had to wait for us outside the games Hall where we played the tournament.

After the rounds were over we were handed over the prizes by the chief arbitrator. All the teachers and student-players cheered for us. We were extremely happy to be the winners.

Aishik Kundu IV A


On the 23rd of November 2017 our school, DPS NORTH KOLKATA, organised an Inter house “Folk Dance Competition”. All the four houses were involved in the competition. We had our Principal ma’am and coordinator ma’am as our guests. Class VII was the audience. Participants were taken from class VII, VIII and IX. At first it was the performance of Bhagat house. They performed Jhumur which is a folk dance of Bengal. The second performance was by Patel house. They performed Bihu, which is a folk dance of Assam. The third performance was by Gandhi house. They performed Ghumar, the folk dance of Rajasthan. The fourth performance was by Netaji house; they performed Cherao which is the folk dance of Mizoram. Each house had 10 participants.

It was a splendid performance. I was visualising the tribal life; their varied dressing patterns and traditions through these dance performances. Our dance teacher, Mahua ma’am, was the judge. After the show Mahua ma’am announced Patel house as the winner, Netaji house got the second position followed by Bhagat house in the third position. I want to thank all our teachers who have given us this opportunity to know the culture of the indigenous groups of our country through this cultural event.

RIONA SAHA (Patel house)




There was an Annual Inter DPS English Literary Festival held on 1st December, 2017, Friday under the aegis of Delhi Public School Society. There were two types of events, online events and onsite events. Under online events there were Slogan writing, Haiku writing, Limerick writing, Poetry writing and Twitter talent. Under onsite events there were Spell Bee, Les Quizerables, Proverbial tales, Speech ahoy, Debate and two characters in search of actors (dramatic extract). My partner Tamoghna Majumdar and I were selected for Haiku Writing under online events.
Haiku is a Japanese style of poem writing which consists of three lines. The format of Haiku is that the first line consists of four syllables, the second line consists of seven syllables and the third line again consists of four syllables. On 1st December at about 9 a.m. we assembled at the computer lab, and at a particular time we opened the particular website. For Haiku writing there were different topics like Monsoon, River, and Clouds. We wrote on all the topics first then the one which was best according to the teachers was taken and it was “THE RIVER”. After some two or three weeks the results was out and to our utter delight DPS NORTH KOLKATA stood first in Haiku writing. We were called by Principal ma’am to receive the certificates during the next assembly. It was a wonderful experience.

Budding Scientists gather at Sushila Birla

A Science exhibition of CBSE schools under SAHODAYA was organized on 5th January 2018 at Sushila Birla Girls’ High school premises. The topic was ‘Environment’. Students of classes 6 to 8 were allowed to take part in it. More than 20 schools participated in the exhibition, including our own school, DPS North Kolkata. I was one of the four students from our school that represented our school in the exhibition.

We started our preparations for the exhibition from November 2018. In the beginning, we were guided by our science teacher. Then, we jotted down all the points that we wanted to show in our chart and model. And then, we started making them. We showed a pollution free dream city as our model. In that dream city, only renewable sources of energy like solar energy and wind energy are used. The shops are located much closer to the settlements, so that people need to waste much less fuel to buy their necessities. We showed buildings that can accommodate more people in less area. The houses have skylights, so that its residents can enjoy sunlight during the day. They also have solar panels, so don’t need to worry about electricity at night. The street lamps and the vehicles also have solar panels and CNG buses are also available. We showed a kitchen garden which meant that people can grow their vegetables and other plants. We even showed a playground because we wanted to spread awareness among people about the importance of playing outdoor and keeping our body fit rather than staying at home and playing video games. Factories without proper disposal system are harmful for the environment, but factories are an important part of the human society. So, in our dream city, we have factories with proper disposal units. We also showed some practices which are good for the environment like rainwater harvesting and segregation of wastes. And the best thing about our model was that, we made it only out of scrap materials. In the chart, we displayed some Do’s & Don’ts on keeping the environment clean.

At the exhibition centre we saw participants from various schools with their models & charts. At first the opening ceremony took place; then visitors from different schools came to see the exhibition. Even though, our model was self-explanatory, we described our model to the visitors and were praised for our model and the explanation. The models of others participating schools were also praise worthy. Some of them used innovative ideas. Unfortunately, no winner was declared in the exhibition.

I had a wonderful experience.


The enlightening competition named, UK READING CHALLENGE held on 15th November was organised by BRITISH COUNCIL, with a large number of enthusiastic students who craved to showcase their creativity and uniqueness through reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
From our school DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NORTH KOLKATA, I along with some of my fellow mates took part in this event. As per the rule of the competition we were encouraged to read seven books for seven weeks and also composed reviews of those books with certainly faster our reading habit and analytical thinking. A workshop was also conducted to strengthen the concept of various part of this event that was indeed a very fulfilling experience. For the writing skill part, we had to develop well – crafted, thoughtful, story writing on the basis of a starting sentence, followed by some poster making.
In the speaking skill I was made the group leader of a group called “FOUR GEMS ” we had to deliver a speech on an instantly given topic by the eminent judges. That part was very much conducive to blossom our communication skill, logical thinking and confidence.
In the listening skill part, we were made to listen to a audio clip; on that basis we had to solve jumbled up cut out of a story in a proper order which stimulated our auditory skill, memorizing ability and interpretation expertise.
I was on cloud nine when my name was declared as one of the winner of first prize. I was overwhelmed to be awarded with A GOLD MEDAL; A CERTIFICATE ON MERIT AND A LETTER OF APPRECIATION. This competition was truly instrumental to amplify the young mind’s creativity, overall presentation skill and the boundary of knowledge.
Participating and wining the first prize of this challenge gave me endearing and special feeling.

Bristi Saha


A Visit to the INDIAN MUSEUM

Our school, Delhi Public School North Kolkata, organised a visit to the Indian museum. It was a Patel house programme for class VI. We started our journey at 9.00 am and reached to the spot at 11.00 am. First we entered the painting section. We saw many paintings of the Mughal period. After seeing the paintings we have understood their culture. After that we had entered the sculpture section. We saw many sculptures like Lord Buddha. We also saw the sculpture of “Preaching Buddha” and gathered much information about that particular period. After that we entered the “Coins” section. We saw the coins of Chandra Gupta II, Akbar, Jahangir and many other rulers of that period. At last we entered the Egyptian pyramid section, we saw pyramid, pots and many more things.

We enjoyed the tour very much. Whatever we have read in books, were seen and felt in reality at the museum. We comprehended the whole of the Ancient and Medieval periods through the art, painting and sculpture of the periods.

Kaustuv Kundu (PATEL HOUSE)


Roll- 24

Experience at H.M. Educational Centre

As we are Bengalees we have fervor for reciting poems and singing songs. Though I can sing well I had never tried recitation. One day, my class teacher called me and giving me a form said, “You are selected to participate in the Inter- School Recitation Competition to be held at H. M. Educational Centre.” I replied with hesitation, “But Ma’am I have never recited a poem before.” She said, “Don’t worry, I will suggest a good poem to you and you will rehearse in my presence during the long break.” I agreed to this.

On the day of the competition, I reached the venue after a small hassle. At the centre, we the participants waited for about forty minutes. I was quite tensed and sat revising my poem. Then the judges of the competition arrived and made us understand the rules of the competition. After this we were called up one by one to recite our poems. Some participants recited very well. I too gave my very best over there.

After the whole event was over, all participants sat in a room and chatted for a while.

The next day at school my teacher announced that I came second at the competition! This was great news for me! I got a silver medal and a certificate. Now I feel encouraged and want to participate in more of such competitions.

Kohana Roy

Class V B



The Annual of our school this year was a two- day event. The 30th and 31st of January were our School Sports days. Our Sports was held in the Sports Authority of India (SAI) ground, Saltlake, Kolkata.

The senior section sports was held on 30th January 2018, i.e., for classes III -IX. On that day, the atmosphere took a festive look. The students reached there by 8.30AM and the parents started coming at 9.30AM. A great interest was observed among the students and the guardians. All of them came in a large number to enjoy the Sports Program. Honorable DCP sir and the famous cricketer of the near past Mohammad Azharuddin were the chief guests. The guests arrived at sharp 10 AM. They were welcomed by the March Past led by the head boy and me, the head girl, followed by various house captains and vice captains with their respective houses. The oath ceremony was also held. The balloons were set free by the principal ma’am. The sports captains of all the houses took Mohammad Azharuddin’s autograph on their bats. After that, classes III and IV did mass drill followed by their races like balance race, frog race and relay race. Then, came the colourful fan dance, performed by classes V and VI followed by various races like flat race, balloon race and mixed hurdles. Classes VII, VIII and IX performed a Karate demonstration. There was a Kerelian drill called Kalaripayatto performed by class IX .There was flat race and relay race for these classes (VII-IX). The winners of each event were handed over the medals and certificates by the guests and Trustee members as and when the events got over. Then came the most exciting part in races, that is, the race of teachers, where Asha Singh ma’am (ladies) and Nitin Ghosh sir (gents) were the winners. The guests were highly pleased with our performance. They encouraged us to take part in sports and games. Then the names of the winners were announced for prizes. The Bhagat house was announced as the winner among all the houses. The sports program ended at 2.30PM.

The second day was equally colourful and exciting. There were some interesting races like Healthy Food, Busy Bee, May I help You, Jack and Jill and Vivacious Veggies. There were drills like Fluttering Flags, Cream and Strawberry and I Love My India. Colours and sportive spirit were displayed in events like Nature in Bounty, Jungle Diaries, Riot of Colours, Grow a Garden, Treasure Hunt and Jack and Jill. The Children enjoyed performing as much as the parents enjoyed watching their kids perform.

Both the days were exotic experiences that are not to be forgotten.

Rinkeeta Sharma (IX-C)

BITM Annual Science Quiz

Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM) organized ‘Annual Science Quiz’ for students of junior school, middle school and high school. This year, we, Aryabrata Chanda (Class- VI), Brahma Kumar (Class- VII) and I, Rahul Konar (Class- VII) represented our school, Delhi Public School North Kolkata, in the middle school category. On the 31st of October, 2017, we went there to participate in the first round of the quiz. Before the start of the game, the quizmaster told us about the rules of the quiz. There were six rounds based on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, scientists, scientific instruments and astronomy. Ten marks were awarded for answering direct questions and five marks for answering bonus questions. In the first round, we were up against La Martiniere for Boys. Though we were a bit nervous at first, we held on to our nerves and beat them by a good margin of forty points, thus qualified for the second round. The second round was held on 5th December, 2017. Here we competed against Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan and Delhi Public School, Newtown. Here again, through a marvellous teamwork, we beat Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan by twenty points. Both DPS Newtown and we were on same points. So we both qualified for the third round. The third round was held on 6th January, 2018. Our team confronted the team from Salt Lake School. Both the teams were well prepared and scored an equal number of points after the first six rounds. Even after three rounds of tie breaker, our points were equal. Unfortunately in the fourth tie breaker round, we lost by five points to Salt Lake School. We returned with a heavy heart, but our teachers, our parents and our friends consoled and encouraged us. We hope to win laurels for our school next year.

Rahul Konar


Rustic Song

On 8th December there was a rustic song competition which was an event in Rhapsody, 2017 at Salt Lake CA School. It was a group song. Along with me there was Anirudha, Dayita, Sneha, Sinjini and myself, Ahana Das.

We started from our school nearly around 8:30AM and reached Salt Lake CA nearly 9:15AM. We were accompanied by two of our teachers. The school was decorated beautifully. At first the inauguration ceremony was held. The sitting arrangement was made in their school ground facing the stage.

I eagerly waited for hours. There were many different schools that took part in this competition. We participated in the junior rustic song competition. Every school was brilliant and it was my first competition. I was quite nervous. After the performance of Salt Lake CA it was our turn. It was my first time to represent my school. Our song was a composition of three folk songs. They were ‘Bindha re palasher bon’, ‘Ekodino uri chali jaye’, ‘Dhoro haal sokto hathe’. We gave our best and keeping in mind all the points Sir told us to be careful about, we gave a magical performance. After us another six schools participated. The Salt Lake School was itself brilliant. So, we lost hopes for winning. After the senior rustic song competition the result for the junior was declared.

We were told to gather behind the stage. The judges came up on the stage and said a few words on the origin of folk songs. Salt Lake CA was the runner up. They received silver medals. Then the judges announced our school’s name as the winner. It was just a dream comes true to me. We went up to the stage and took our gold medals and also received a beautiful trophy. We also received certificates.

We returned to school nearly around 6p.m.. The host school also provided us with food packets. It was really a wonderful experience at Salt Lake CA School.

Ahana Das, Class VII, D

Sneha Kar, Class VII, B


Our school celebrated Shakespeare’s birth and death anniversary on the 24th of April this year. William Shakespeare was born on the 23rd of Aril 1564 and his soul departed on the 23rd of April 1616. Like all previous years, this year too we had a special assembly on the illustrious poet in our school. Swapnil Biswas took us down the ages to talk of the life and works of William Shakespeare. Priyadarshini Banerjee and Shreya Sinha also recited Sonnet 55 by Shakespeare.

The first scene of the timeless play King Lear was enacted by some students of Classes VII and VIII. King Lear, an elderly king of ancient Britain decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters, Goneril, Regan and Cordelia, depending upon how much each loved him. Goneril and Regan delivered widely embellished speeches while Cordelia simply says she loves her father as much as a daughter should love her father. This enrages Lear and he disowns her. Later, he dies of grief when his two elder daughters betray him and throw him out. Cordelia also dies in an attempt to save her father’s honour.

The character of Goneril was played by Aahana Das, Regan by Anwesha Chatterjee, Cordelia by Salony and King Lear by Aditya Chakraborty.




A man can make impossible possible using the faculty of his mind. But a sound mind can only dwell in a sound body. In order to build a sound body, physical activities are necessary. In this modern hectic life no one has time for physical activities. But we need to incorporate physical activities in our daily routine in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Taking the staircase instead of the elevator, walking to the nearby shop instead of taking our car are good ways of keeping our body active. Good cardiovascular exercises like cycling and swimming will help us lead an active lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle along with junk food is toxic to our body and is the root cause of obesity that has now taken an epidemic proportion in our country and can lead to heart ailments and hypertension quite early in life. Therefore, my suggestion to youth is to eat healthy, exercise regularly and stay happy. Regular exercise, games and physical training are integral parts of our school curriculum.



“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. “Such were the words of an old saying. We the people of modern era have been constantly giving stress to our mind while our body is left askew. What we fail to understand is that an active body aids an active mind. A sedentary life promises comfort but fails to teach us about the practical world. We are toiling into nothingness when our body is getting alienated and crippled. Many dutiful lessons are learnt on the ground. Also an unfit body means a greater time to accumulate our experiences. Physical fitness also increases the vigilante and confidence of a person. The youth are generally the practitioners of physical fitness. Even walking three miles a day keep the body in good shape. Thereafter, we should look for our body to stay fit and thus can enjoy a benevolent. Regular exercise, games and physical training are integral parts of our school curriculum.




The cinema is built for the big screen and high sound, so that a person seems to travel to another world and have a real life experience.

The students of Delhi Public School, North Kolkata, celebrated the birth anniversary of the great Indian film director and Oscar Award winner, Satyajit Ray, and that of the first non-European poet to win a Nobel Prize in Literature in the year 1913, Rabindranath Tagore, in school through the presentation of films in the school Cinema hall. This celebration was organised by the students of CINE CLUB over three days (2nd – 4th May). Students of different schools came to our school to watch a movie named Rabindranath Tagore, directed by Satyajit Ray. This movie was released on the 100th birth centenary year of Rabindranath Tagore. Satyajit Ray made this film on the works and life of Rabindranath Tagore and the most interesting part of this movie is that you will not find even a single poem that was written by Rabindranath Tagore in this movie. As Satyajit Ray was not happy with the English translation and believed that ‘it would not make the right impression if recited,’ and the people would not consider Tagore ‘a very great poet’, based on those translations. As well as in this movie Ray wanted to illustrate Rabindranath Tagore not as a poet but as a teacher, a philosopher, an author and a lot more. This film is produced by the Films division of India and the cinematography is done by Soumendu Roy. It was edited by Dulal Dutta and the music is played by Jyotirindra Moitra. So on the first day Delhi Public School, Howrah was our guest, followed by on the second day it was H.M. Educational Centre and on the last day it was Indira Gandhi School, Saltlake. We were really excited to watch this movie as it was, in the first place, a black and white movie and secondly it deals with the works of Rabindranath Tagore. After the movie ended, the students asked a few questions regarding the movie to our Bengali ma’am, Saswati Majumdar and our film studies sir, Debashish Sen Sharma, and clarified their doubts. After this the guests got some refreshments and were thanked by the host school for coming. It was really a great experience for me to watch such a historical film.

Students of Class X

Inter – House Western Music Competition

Delhi Public School North Kolkata had organised an Inter- house Competition on Western Music on 27th of April 2018 in the school auditorium. There were two groups, one for Solo performance and the other for Group performance. Classes VIII and IX did the Solo Performance while the Group Performance was done by Classes VI and VII. The competition was quite difficult and exciting. All the participants were brilliant in their performance.

I was given the opportunity to compere the programme. This was quite an exciting work for me because I love western music and am attracted towards some of the artists in the western music world. Our respected judges in this competition were our music teachers. The competition was witnessed by the students of Class VIII, a few teachers and principal ma’am. Gandhi House won the first prize in both categories. I am overjoyed by this because I am a member of Gandhi House.

Teachers appreciated my style of compering. So, I am all the more happy.

Chirasmita Biswas


Waste Management

The science club of Delhi Public School North Kolkata organised a seminar on Waste Management for the members of class VIII and IX on 27th of April this year. The various types of waste, the hazards of waste generation, ways of waste management etc. were the topic of discussion. The teacher interacted with the students with the help of a power point presentation, which included a video on solid waste management done in San Francisco. At the end, the students took an oath with a song to save this earth from the ill effects of wastes and supporting the ‘Go Green’ drive.

The future action plans related to waste management were also being discussed with the members of science club.


Being a teacher I have attended many workshops where I have learnt how to manage classroom situation, evaluate the students properly, utilize curriculum by doing different activities and when I got a chance to attend a workshop organized by BIRLA INDUSTRIAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM, I thought nothing new will be taught, but those two days workshop on science teaching strongly proved me wrong.

BITM organized a two days Teacher’s training programme for 20 teachers of DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NORTH KOLKATA which was held on 14th May and 21st May 2018. We the science teachers of Delhi Public School North Kolkata, reached the venue at 11o’ clock in the morning. Before the start of programme, Mr. Tushar Sengupta told us the historical significance of BITM. It was the residence of Satyendranath Thakur (uncle of Rabindranath Thakur). Our first chief minister Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy getting influenced by Japanese education system planned to establish the ‘TEMPLE OF SCIENCE’ – BITM.

The whole session of the first day was divided in two halves. In first half chemistry related activities were demonstrated by Mr. Tushar Sengupta with interaction and scientific explanation. He trained us how to deliver lesson of chemistry by creating a colourful magical classroom environment. In second half Mr. Debobroto Mukherjee demonstrated us different activities on physics like Bernoulli’s theorem, atmospheric pressure, inertia, electromagnetic induction by using very simple things like plastic bottles, soft balls, papers, lens, bulb etc. He trained us how to make the classroom livelier. Next, Mr. Dilip Ghosh discussed the use of animation in teaching of science where models cannot be made.

Second day (21st April, 2018) was also divided into two halves. In the first half, method of preparation of power point presentation was taught and we, teachers made power point presentation in pairs under the supervision of instructor. Then we visited different science galleries, including ‘HIGH VOLTAGE THEATRE’ which was an indescribable experience.

All of us had a wonderful experience. We will try our best to utilize our knowledge and experience to teach the students. We will remain thankful to our respected principal madam for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this Teacher’s Training Programme.

Science teachers of DPSNK


Flowers! Flowers!

Flowers everywhere

Make our country beautiful

Flowers are so delightful.

Flowers! Flowers!

Flowers everywhere

Different varieties

Of colourful flowers

We love flowers.

Flowers! Flowers!

Don’t pluck them

We love them

We love flowers.

Flowers! Flowers!

Used in worship

Used in marriages

We use flowers

We love flowers.

By – Purti Sharma and Anushka Baid {VI D}


Kolkata! Kolkata!

We live in Kolkata

The city of joy and happiness

We are in Kolkata

Kolkata! Kolkata!

Kolkata! Kolkata!

We are in Kolkata

The place of Bengali culture

Kolkata! Kolkata!

Kolkata! Kolkata!

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Kolkata! Kolkata!

Kolkata! Kolkata!

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We are in Kolkata

We are in Kolkata!

By – Purti Sharma & Anushka Baid {VI D}

Visit to Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality

This year the project on which science club students will work is Waste Management. So, on 23rd June, 2018, 28 students of science club were brought to Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality by school bus.

When a disease breaks out, we blame the environment around us but we don’t think that the cause of the diseases lay within us. We pollute the environment by our thoughtless indifference and selfish actions. Proper waste management is needed to ensure the protection of environment and human health. Waste management is intended to reduce the adverse effect on health, the environment or aesthetics. So, I Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality, we were shown, how they treat the waste products created by us.

At first they weigh the biodegradable and non biodegradable wastes. Next, they separate the biodegradable and non- biodegradable wastes manually. After this the rag pickers pick the products which can be reused. The biodegradable product then goes for processing and producing bio compost. These wastes are taken about 10 tons and the plastics are removed from the waste again manually. Then they are kept as a heap of 8 ft height with a 12 ft base in 7 columns (for 7 days) and each column having 4 rows. One heap is kept for seven days and then they are turned and transferred to the next row. A lot of heat gets generated by the wastes and also the outer part is decomposed by the aerobic bacteria and the inner part by anaerobic bacteria. The liquid produced in this process is very poisonous and is collected in a separate tank. It is again used two purposes – 1. Used in bio gas plant and 2. If the temperature of the waste heap rises above 80 degree, it is showered on the heap to reduce the temperature. The final product from this heap of biodegradable waste is the bio compost. They are packaged and sold to the farmers of local people at a very cheap price.

The whole procedure was explained by Mr. Sanjiv Roy, the technical person and Mr. J. Basu, Mr. Parthapratim Basu, the supervisor and Mr. Rahul Prasad. The project in charge is Mr. Rathidra Bhattacharjee, who also explained the whole process to us. We were also provided with refreshments by the municipality authorities.

The experience was enriching and I was very glad to see that our municipality is working very hard to make our environment healthy and pollution free as far as possible. Due to their great effort the project win a global award in urban solid waste management in the ‘C40 Mayors’ Summit’ held in Mexico City in the year 2017. It was real beneficial learning experience for us and all of us were encouraged to take small steps to make the world pollution free.

Brishti Saha

Class VIII C



There was a fest organized by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on 22nd June 2018. Our school had participated mostly in every event, quiz, debate, face painting, recitation, music, fashion show and many more. Our team had participated in fashion show which comprised of 6 members. We all had practised a lot for this show and the result was that we have achieved our goal, to be the winner. Our teachers had encouraged us a lot and groomed us to be the best. Our team work has helped us a lot. Our event was on the 21st of June. That day was really special for all of us. Our theme was body shamming, which is a very big problem in today’s society. The presentation was perfect, at first we were a little tensed but after the show began everything seemed fine.

Everyone had cheered for us and appreciated us. The program was held in the auditorium of the Bhavans’ campus. The ramp was a “T” ramp. Everyone was dressed beautifully and our makeover was just perfect. Above all other things everyone had worked very hard and faced each and every event confidently. That day was a very special day for all of us. That was a special moment which had cut a line in our memories and will always stay with us forever.

By Mayuri Banerjee

Class X B

“V” for Victory

On the sunny Saturday of 30th of June 2018, the lush green ground of our school, DPS North Kolkata, was set for the auspicious game of Kabaddi among the four house members. In the semi- final match our Patel House played against Netaji House. We were energetic and excited. All the Patel house team mates were full of enthusiasm and Aahwan Kumar Pattanayak was like a wild storm in the field that day. All of us played with team spirit and vigour. This brought us a fabulous victory with 33 points against the 11 points of Netaji house. We won with a huge difference. All our friends cheered for the players, Aahwan, Ayush, Yash and Krish.

In the second semi- final match Gandhi House played against Bhagat House. Gandhi house won because of their skillful players. Then, after a short break, the final match was played between Patel House and Gandhi House. We shook hands and started the match. The Patel House players Aahwan, Yash, Ayush and myself made great moves and Aahwan got a special 5- point raid, the others did fantastic tackles and led us to a victory number of 42, 20 points ahead of Gandhi House.

After the match was over, the houses exchanged greetings and everyone enjoyed thoroughly.



Consider a Tree for a moment

The Patel House members of Classes VI to VIII celebrated the Care of Nature Week through Poem Recitations on the 29th of June this year. We gathered in the fifth floor meeting room in the fifth period of that day, our audience being our friends of Class VII, all sections. Our special invitees were Principal Madam, Vice Principal sir and coordinator teachers.

That day we strengthened our ties with Nature by reciting poems dedicated to Trees. Though the room is an enclosed area, still, we felt the presence of Nature around us as the room resonated with the love of Nature.

The participants were Angira Saha VI C, Shrestha Dev VI C, Purti Sharma VI D, Aarjab Chatterjee VI B, Vedant Gupta VI A, Anushka Kothari VII D, Satwata Dutta VII C, Divyanshu Saha VIII B, Sohini Chakraborty VIII A, Tamoghna Majumdar VIII D, Avik Kr. Singh VI B, Roumik Saha VIII D, Soumoshree De VI E, Swagata Mukherjee VI C, Rishav Pandey VIII C, Gaurav Prakash VIII D, Ankit Kushari VIII A, Swastika Deb VII A.

After enjoying the recitations we asked the audience to comment on the performance and say what they learnt from the programme. The response from the audience was very satisfactory. Then we took an oath – We will Love and Protect trees. We will stop deforestation and encourage forestation. Our programme was a grand success.



Fairy Tale Week

The students of K.G. of Delhi Public School North Kolkata celebrated the Fairy Tale Week from 2nd July to 6th July this year, and the week ended with a beautiful interactive session with the parents of the students. Parents were invited to narrate any fairy tale and they dressed up like the characters which they were narrating. On these days the parents came and narrated the stories with great eagerness and enthusiasm. The children also enjoyed listening to the stories. It was an enriching and interactive session, which everyone appreciated. All the parents said that they enjoyed this activity very much and are looking forward to participate in more interactive sessions like this.


Reuse and Reinvent!

With the increasing concerns related to Global Warming and our Earth gradually dying, we took our “Say no to Pollution” lesson in Social Science class in Delhi Public School North Kolkata to a new level. In order to create awareness among the students to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste products, an activity was planned by the teachers. The students of Class V were divided into few groups and each group was given the task of reusing either newspapers or plastic bottles to prepare different things of their imagination. The outcome was really worth noticing. The students made beautiful hand bags and shopping bags from the newspapers and decorated them. The plastic bottles turned into cars, flower vase, coffee mugs, plant pots and many other things. At the end of this activity, we got the proof that with proper awareness among our children, our world will be in safe hands in the near future.

Suchismita Dutta



Harvesting is the process of gathering ripe crops from the fields. It is celebrated in different parts of India. It is celebrated in different parts of India in the form of festivals like Pongal, Baisakhi and Onam. Our school had organised a programme on ‘Harvesting’. It took place on 3rd July, 2018.Some of the students were selected for a dance performance. It was organised by the teachers and students of Netaji house. I was one of them. We were given a chance to show our performance to our honorable principal ma’am, vice principal sir, teachers and our friends. The students of class five were brought to the school auditorium for showing them our performance. The introductory speech was given by a student of the ninth standard. At the end of the programme our principal ma’am and vice principal sir encouraged us with some words of appreciation. All the teachers and students encouraged us a lot. I consider myself to be very fortunate to become a part of such a programme.

Manjima Chakraborty



Football is the most famous game and perhaps the oldest game. And the world cup comes after every four years. It is the grandest stage and biggest prize for football. This is the time where people from different countries, different places and from different part of the world come together to witness and cheer up for their teams.

In every four years FIFA WORLD CUP is held in different nations. This time it was held in Russia. Twelve venues across twelve cities were selected for the matches. This was the 21st world cup. This was also the first time where VAR (VIDEO ASSISTANT REFREE) was used in a world cup. Millions of tourists came to Russia from across the globe to witness the game. Every year 32 teams are been selected. This year was the year of the underdog teams. Panama and Iceland was the debutant for the world cup this year. Many heart-breaking incidents took place this year. In the first place, the world cup favourites and the defending champions Germany was eliminated in the group stage. And the teams which were anticipated by people to go at least to the quarterfinals or semi-finals were wrong. Next Argentina and Brazil were knocked out.

The final was played between France and Croati. France outshined Croatia and became victorious. France won their second world cup title. It was really a memorable world cup with many uncanny things which will be remembered for a long time.




Our school Delhi Public School North Kolkata participated in a programme arranged by Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, surrounding many different aspects of the use of technology and its effects in our life. The competitions that our school participated in were-

CLICK – Photography competition
DOODLE MAKING – Making doodles on the event
ROBOTICS – Workshop and practical competition on the basic programming of robotics
BUILD IT – Assembling a PC
E – SPORT – Playing FIFA 18 on PS4 and XBOX
NATURE ART – Creating artistic models with fruit, vegetables etc.
TINKER FEST – Creating circuits with vegetables
F BLOGGER – Blogging about the whole event
We were able to win quite a few prizes, like,

1ST PRIZE IN Doodling Art
1ST PRIZE IN Tinker Fest
2nd RANK in the whole programme based on all the competitions.

The participants in these events were Soumyadeep Kushani, Indranil Das, Debojyoti Bhattacharjee, Tamoleen Mazumdar, I Indranil Das and a few others.

Every time we bring in prizes for the school we feel elated and our sense of responsibility increases.




On the 2nd of August 2018, an INTER HOUSE ONE ACT PLAY COMPETITION was held in our school. All the four houses participated in it.

Bhagat House enacted “The Boss came to Dinner”. It was a play based on Parent- child relationship. Gandhi House enacted a play called “Cell- phone Zombies”. It was based on the extreme ill- effects of the overuse of electronic gadgets. Patel House performed the well- known humorous play “Refund” by Frigyes Karinthy. It showed how an undeserving candidate was outwitted by his former teachers, when he came to take the refund of his school fees on false grounds. Netaji House played “The Moral Code” which was based on correction and reformation of criminals.

The judgment was done by Mr. Ujjal Malakar and Mrs. Subhanwita Guha, both theatre personalities. Gandhi House emerged as winner and Patel House was the first runner- up. The audience which comprised of the Class XI students of our school cheered for the performers. Preet Agarwal of Patel House who played the role of Wasserkoff, the student, in the play “Refund” was declared the Best Actor by the judges.

Students of DPSNK


On 19th July 2018 a Pot Painting activity was held in our school, Delhi Public School North Kolkata. It was an activity only for Netaji house students. The activity was held for the students of classes V and VI of Netaji house. It was held during the sixth period. After the fifth period when the bell rang we made a line and went to the 1st floor lobby. Everybody sat in a circle and took out their painting materials. The students had brought pots, painted in white colour, poster colours and paint brushes. While we were busy painting the pots, coordinator madam came to see the activity. Our topic was Monsoon. So, everybody drew something related to monsoon. The teachers present in the activity encouraged the students a lot. The activity ended peacefully. Both the teachers and students were happy. Monsoon is a very dull season but the coloured pots brightened up the environment.

Rishita Moitra



The Scroll Painting is an ancient form of art of Bengal. Our house chose the topic of Lord Krishna to glorify this intricate form of art. The members chosen for this house activity were assigned to do different kinds of work. The Patel house members of Class IX were given to do the major task of painting the different major incidents of Lord Krishna’s life starting from his childhood to his becoming a legend in the Vrindavan. Two students of Class XI including me were chosen to narrate the incidents depicted by the pictures.

After the paintings were ready, they were vertically arranged and fixed up with tape. Then they were rolled into a scroll with the last picture rolled in first. The ends were fixed with plastic rods. During the presentation the first picture was revealed first and the narrative started with the birth of Lord Krishna in King Kansha’s prison- house.

As the narrative proceeded it seemed to be an ancient day “Vishnu Katha” being narrated in front of an audience; here it consisted of our Class XI students. It was a learning session for the Class XI students as the scroll painting was a part of an English lesson of theirs, Landscape of the Soul.

The activity was witnessed by our Principal ma’am, Vice Principal sir and some of our teachers. The whole project was conducted successfully by us and our hard work was appreciated by one and all.




This is the third time that I represented my school in the Inter-DPS National Chess Championship, this time in Lucknow. Like every year, this year also I enjoyed this tournament a lot. Forty four schools came to compete in this tournament from which our school was one. The host school (DPS Lucknow, Eldeco) had a very good in ambience. The venue chosen by the host school was very good to play a mind game like chess. The tournament was held for two days 20th and 21st of July. After this nerve wracking job my team mate Oishik Kundu and I succeeded to become the champions in this tournament. I contributed 6 points out of 6 rounds to my team and won the board prize of board 1. After the prize distribution ceremony was over, the host school organised a friendly football match between the teachers and the students which was a joyful experience for me and a lot of enjoyment for all of us. On the next day, three of us, that is, Oishik, our chess teacher Arindam Sir and I went for sightseeing in the state of the Nawabs called Lucknow. We went to Barai Imambara and Bhulbhulaiya which were amazing places to know the history of many Nawabs. Next day,we returned to Kolkata. Well, success is always sweet, but, the opportunities of exposure our noble Alma Mater, DPS North Kolkata, provides us are nonetheless sweeter.

Subhayan Kundu

Class XI Commerce



It was a rather unequal contest between the students of Delhi Public School North Kolkata and the players of the Kalyani Spandan Club in Kalyani. The team of our school was not only equipped with the regular cricket equipment but also with a zeal to win and take over the champions’ title.

I scored 43 runs. Divyesh Gupta took 3 wickets and Riddhiman took 2 wickets. We scored 95 runs in 17.5 overs. The score of Kalyani Spandan Club was 89 in 20 overs. This was a fabulous victory of our school team and we all rejoiced at it.

This is the first time our school participated in a cricket match against a public club of players. Therefore, the victory is all the more great.

Raunak Dutta



The four houses of Delhi Public School North Kolkata once again locked horns and this time to make the best model city. We planned the best kind of city that can be thought of where an unfailing supply of electricity will be secured with the help of solar energy and wind energy; where factory and domestic wastes can be managed in the best possible way; where water will be used and not misused; where oil can be extracted from unusual sources and used in the best possible way; where multi- storeyed buildings will not face any problem due to height and weather conditions and where bridges will fold away to allow the passage of large ships using a hydraulic mechanism.

We sought to achieve an eco-friendly atmosphere where a densely populated metropolitan city will enjoy good health and happiness. Our friends of Classes VII and VIII along with the teachers came to see our endeavours. We presented our models by explaining them.

Our principal ma’am was very happy to see all the models and could not put one above the other. So, she declared all houses as winners. It was so nice that all of us won at the end of the day.

Students of all houses


The Stranger on the Road

The Stranger on the Road

Story by – Rajdeep Ghosh

Class X Sec D

Every writer thinks that writing is just imagination on a paper, but I came to know that this can be more than what it is. One Day I was Returning from my office, and came across a strange Person.

The Mysterious Person Came Towards me and asked me one thing, “Are you also a writer?” I was so surprised hearing that from a strange person like him. But some people might think why I am so surprised, and that is because I was an unknown writer and no one knew my real name. People knew only the pen name I used to publish my writings. Well being a bit confused and surprised I replied “Yes I am”. He handed over some pages to me and asked me to trust him and print the writings on the pages. I took some time to think, then decided to publish those writings.

Next day when I saw newspaper I got another shock, there was a picture of the person whom I met the previous day on the road, in the “Dead People” section and it was written that he was a famous writer and died while he was writing his last story. When his body was burned the story was lost and never found. Now if that’s not surprising to you then you are not a human.

That was the time in my life when I came to know that writing is just not creation on paper and it has a spiritual and a magical value, but I am happy that the person trusted me, not only as a human but as a writer. I can never find out what happened that day but whenever I used to tell people his story, I used to describe him as The Stranger on the Road.




On 30th August, 2018, our school organized an educational visit to NILD (National Institution for Loco motor Disabilities) for the students of Netaji House. NILD is an autonomous government institution which was established in 1978 at Bon Hooghly. The objective of NILD is to provide service to the orthopedically handicapped people and to conduct and sponsor research related to the rehabilitation of the people with Loco motor disabilities. We visited different sections of NILD and also the laboratories where artificial limbs are being manufactured. We spoke to one of the patients, named, Mr. Souvik Kar and also to Mr. Nayan Roy Chowdhury from the administration to get some idea about the services rendered by the institution. Dr. Abhishek Biswas, the Director of the Institution asked us to spread awareness in the society about the problems of people with Loco motor disabilities and about the role of the organization to help them.

Swastika Ghosh – VII D

A journey through the mythical forest of Dooars

It was on the night of 23rd august when we were all set to say “goodbye” to our parents and set off for the train journey in the “Garib Rath Express” which departed at around 9:30pm from Kolkata station.

On the early morning of 24thAugust we reached NJP railway station and then boarded our pre-booked bus and headed towards our hotel, Dream Land, situated in Lataguri. Although we had slept in the train last day, it was obvious that few of us were tired. But it was the beauty of rural life that kept others away from sleep. The beauty of nature and the sounds of birds along with an overwhelming smell of the breeze had already taken a start to make us feel that we were free from the cage of the city-life in which we were tired of living.

As soon as we reached our hotels we were given the keys to our room. We were instructed to freshen up ourselves and then to have our lunch. In the afternoon we were told to get ready and board our buses for visiting the tea garden.

Although we reached our destination pretty much on time, but there was an unknown issue for which we could not enter the tea garden. Although we could not visit the tea garden, we were taken to another place which amazingly beautiful. It was a bridge built on top of river Murti.

We stayed there for around an hour and inhaled the cool breeze blowing all around us and then we headed back towards our hotel. After arriving at the hotel we all gathered in the reception hall and chatted with friends before going for the dinner. After dinner we all went to our rooms to sleep and give our body some time to get energized for the next day.

The next day was really exciting. After breakfast we left for sightseeing. We visited Jhalong and witnessed the beauty of the Jhalong river camps from the top of the mountain roads. Along with this we saw Bhutan border while travelling through the never ending curved roads of the mountains.

Then we headed towards Bindu barrage, made across the Jaldhaka River where we did some amazing photoshoots and also did some shopping and dipped our feet in the flowing water of a small stream.

While returning we halted near a rubber plantation ground and there we learnt how, the rubber that we use to erase the fine lines of the pencil and the same material that we use to make tires which are capable of carrying humongous weight on top of it , is made. A worker of the rubber plantation ground helped us to understand the whole process and also gave us some samples of the raw rubber that is obtained from the trees.

We returned to our hotel and then had our lunch. As soon as we finished our lunch we were all taken to a nearby area where we did some shopping and then we soon returned to our hotel. After taking some rest we all gathered in the garden of our hotel and played games, danced to songs and then went into our rooms to take a short break. We gathered in the dining hall where we were served some snacks.

The evening passed happily discussing about all the things that we say and we all gave our opinions about the whole journey that we had earlier on that day. Then we all had our dinner and went to sleep.

All of us were sad, because this was our last day in Dooars. We all were told to pack our luggage and keep it ready so that we could leave the hotel as soon as we return from The Rocky Island. We started our journey early in the morning and reached our destination quite early. This place was one of the best spot for photography. We found strange spiders, some leeches and some beautiful insects and birds. We all carried salt with us which helped us to kill the leeches whenever we found one around us.

While clicking pictures the only thought I had in my mind was about the poem that I read earlier, “The road not taken” – by Robert Frost. I could relate each line of the poem with the scene I was watching then…I felt, as if the poem was written on that exact scene in front of me.

While returning From The Rocky Island we stopped in the hilly roads of Chulsa where Ali sir took two of us down the hill and made me see the best view of the whole trip. It was a gorgeous river flowing in between two mountains

which were covered with clouds. We dipped our feet into the river keeping in mind that it was very risky for us to do that. I took some great shots and then climbed up the hill. It was really very difficult to climb up the hill, it was around 400ft above the sea level. Ali sir and I found it really tough to climb up without taking any break, so we halted under a tree for some minutes and then again continued to walk up until we reached the place where all of my friends and teachers were waiting inside their buses. We returned to our hotel and then had our lunch. We packed and boarded the buses and started for the NJP railway station.

While travelling from our hotel towards the station , the only thing I wanted in that moment was never to leave the place…I wanted to stay there for my whole like…I wanted to see my friends laughing all day…birds flying all around me….trees on top of my head all throughout the day. Just how a poem goes on for some time and it creates a different mood for the readers and then ends it making us feeling steeped in pleasure…in the same way this tour left us in the middle of a bottomless ocean that we all wanted to drown into until we find the bottom of the ocean.

At around 9:30p.m. our train, Padatik Express, departed from the station. My mind filled with sorrow and tears, I could not sleep the whole night, I started to recollect all those glorious moments that I had spent during the last few days. We reached Sealdah station at around 7a.m., where our parents were waiting to take us back to our “home sweet home”.

It is never possible to deliver the exact essence of such an overwhelming and warm experience. Here, I could just mention some places and some sights that I saw…but the experience that I had in this tour cannot be shared through some words it can be felt perfectly only by living few days of your life in the lap of the beautiful nature.


I am really very thankful to my school authority for arranging such a great Tour for all of us. I have no words to describe how my teachers cared for me in this entire trip. I never felt that I am away from my parents rather for me my teachers are closer to me than my parents. I prefer sharing all my feelings and my experiences with my teachers rather than my parents. Whatever I am today is because of my teachers and my parents. I am and always will be really grateful to my teachers who have not only taught me to get good scores but also to be a good human being. They have taught me never to give up, never to lose hope. To me my work is the utmost important thing on this Earth and any responsibility given by my teachers is the most important work for me.



In Love with Competitions

Our school, DPSNK, took part in an Inter-school competition organised by Hind Motor high school on 11th of October 2018. It was a part of the Carnival named ‘Cassiopeia’.

Our school participated in almost all the events, music, art and dance both eastern and western. About 10 students participated in the events. We were elated and anxious about the competition. We were escorted by one of our teachers and went in a school bus. As soon as we reached the Hind Motor complex, the events took place one after another.

I participated in the face painting competition and one of my classmates, Jennifer Sheikh was my companion. Jennifer sat patiently for two long hours while I painted her face. Her patience and my learning paid. We secured the second runners up prize in face painting.

Our western dance performance was also a commendable one and received the first runner up prize.

Every participant gave his or her best bit. However, in a competition someone has to win over others.

We joyfully returned to our school after the prize distribution ceremony was done.